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167th FSC (Apr. 2021) - Örebro, Sweden (PRESENTERA)

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    Kid Laroi?!!

    Nothing against it since the song it doesn't really break any rules but personally I think he's too known for this contest.


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      ill go with greece


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        09. Greece: Katerine Duska - Call Me Nyx


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          10 | | UKRAINE



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            11. BABY K - NON MI BASTA PIU (ITALY)

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              12. SWITZERLAND

              Red Moon - Dreamer

              Thought that was a good solution hanging with the raisin girls


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                Nostalgiee can you add the country on your post? - Italy, correct?

                Nanda I see your point, but I think it's fine - it's not a single, and it's not like the Kid Laroi is huge on UKMix based on searching for threads on him.

                Actually, now that I think of it, we've had other artists in the past year on FSC that have gotten more UKMix attention than him.


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                  yes italy sorry


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                    Originally posted by cheapthrills View Post
                    Nanda I see your point, but I think it's fine - it's not a single, and it's not like the Kid Laroi is huge on UKMix based on searching for threads on him.

                    Actually, now that I think of it, we've had other artists in the past year on FSC that have gotten more UKMix attention than him.
                    Yeah 'So Done' was my other consideration but it dipped inside UK top 40 earlier this year. 'WITHOUT YOU' is the one thats blowing up.

                    It's kinda grey area because he is just starting to breakthrough to a wider audience but also as cheapthrills said might not be as well known on here yet, plus the previous precedence of artists like Shakira and Usher and some of the Westlife members etc competing as main/or featured artist.

                    I remember seeing Virgostar entered Lorde's Royals but it was a fair few months before it stormed the chart worldwide. It may affect some peoples voting but like the sample rule is open for discussion.
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                      13. SPAIN


                      (it starts at 0:54)
                      My Year End Chart 2011

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                        14. The Netherlands

                        Epica - The Skeleton Key

                        Mainshow Goes Diva: Kylie Minogue


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                          15. DEUTSCHLAND

                          Deutschland ist stolz darauf, dieses Lied zu betreten:

                          Leony - Faded Love

                          This song includes a sample and has a whole life of its own.


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                            16. South Africa

                            Baby Queen - Want Me


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                              17. Belgium

                              Greg Houben - Animal

                              Year of release: 2018
                              Genre: Baroque Pop, SInger-songwriter

                              A little bit of fun, because everyone is so competitive this month.
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                                18. UNITED STATES of AMERICA
                                Anthony Ramos - Mind Over Matter


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                                  Originally posted by Zeph View Post
                                  Leony - Faded Love

                                  This song includes a sample and has a whole life of its own.
                                  I am really sorry but I have to veto this!
                                  The sample is not used as an interpolation but the melody is taken over in its entirety making it a sort of semi-cover of a song which incidentally was a world-wide hit (bar the US) and has one of the most recognisable hooks in music history..

                                  O-Zone: "Dragostea Din Tei" (2003)

                                  trebor's - 2016 in Country Music
                                  trebor's - 2015 in Country Music


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                                    Thanks for pointing out the sample, Zeph. And if trebor feels this way, I believe it should be put to a vote. Unfortunately, I can't add a poll after creating a thread, so I will tag everyone to respond within 48 hours.

                                    Are you all ok with the song sampled in Zeph's submission? Please only weigh in if you have submitted, or are planning on submitting, a song this month.

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                                      Yeah I'm sorry but I gotta agree, the sample is too present in the song, imo.
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                                        I don't mind a sample like this
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                                          Sampling, interpolating and covers... there are variances betwixt the three and they are open to discussion. That’s the fun part...

                                          Ava Max’s 2020/2021 Head & Heart “interpolates” ATC’s 2000 unforgettable All Around The World (La La La La La) which is a cover of 1998’s Pesenka by Ruki Vverh. The benefit here was that a whole new generation got to experience something that was considered a whole new song based on an interpolation or sampling and whole new construction.

                                          Another example, Cardi B & Megan Thee Stallion’s mega smash WAP is driven by Frank Ski’s 1993 club anthem and single by “Whores in This House” by Frank Ski. It is undeniably prevalent throughout the song and yet it is considered a new song.

                                          When is something borrowed, when is something new and when is something old...

                                          Another example Dua Lipa’s mega smash “Break My Heart” borrows its beat heavily from “Need You Tonight” by INXS; Miley Cyrus Midnight Sky relies on Stevie Nick’s Edge of Seventeen; Stevie Nicks’ own classic Stand Back borrows from Little Red Corvette.

                                          Even Justin Bieber’s newest thirty million viewed plus and global hit Hold On borrows from Gotye’s Somebody That I Used to Love. Let’s not forget Sam Smith Stay With Me and Tom Petty’s I Won’t Back Down. Eminem’s Stan which sampled Dido’s Thank You of which she later released the full song herself. Even TI and Rihanna took at a stab and sampled O-Zone’s Dragonstea Din Tei and created a whole new song using the same hook. It became known as “Live Your Life” and actually won various publishing awards as a new song. So what I’m trying to say it’s relative.

                                          So the question here is whether isn’t music recycled but is music meant to be shared and passed down from generation to generation. The song is undeniably catchy and she borrows as much as Ava, Cardi B and the aforementioned did. But Leony added her own structure; direction; and depth making it her own.

                                          Strong enough to let it shine and stand on its own.

                                          But again, it is open to interpretation.

                                          Germany stands by its choice and will defer to the votes cast by each other Eurovision nation. We will enter another song if needed but this song isn’t a cover; it actually interpolates much like all the previous songs mentioned above.

                                          And there are many, many more.

                                          Leony deserves to shine because she did a tremendous job much like Ava, Cardi & Megan Thee Stallion, Miley did by infusing something old with something completely new, and in the process creating a new track.

                                          The song truly shines and is an ear worm.

                                          And again I can totally argue the opposite to be true in every case point above as well. Whatever the decision is it’s an amazing attempt with an even more so incredible result.


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                                            I don’t mind the sample to be honest...usually my only complaint with this contest is when well known artists pop up here and there and that’s about it!!!

                                            like I know this is a song contest but personally I would add few extra lines for artists as well (like if they have US/UK Top 5 hits or something).


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                                              hmmm, I'm leaning towards veto too, I this case the lyrics are following the melody of the sample and the chorus part relies on it. add to that the original is very well known. There was one back in 2017 I almost won with that was let slide (the Markus Feehily song) but I didn't even realise there was a sample until it was pointed out (a piece of instrumental undercurrent that had also been used in a few other songs) but it was fairly subtle in comparison to the rest of the song. This song is very front and centre in the chorus.

                                              Putting aside the chart rule, as example If someone were to submit Hung Up, although it makes something different in the verse and chorus, it relies heavily on that ABBA sample which is uber well known.
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                                                Especially since there must be a lot of songs available and original for us to discover.
                                                We are talking about Germany all the same!


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                                                  19. ARGENTINA

                                                  Salvapantallas - CHHKP

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                                                    I think this FAded Love entry is Dragostea Din Tei in english to be honest... I do think that samples and even covers could be accepted when the original is unknown, but in this case, the song is a worldwide megahit.
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