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Survivor FAQs & Rules

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  • Survivor FAQs & Rules


    What is a Survivor?

    A Survivor is a game where songs participate in either an artist's discography constellation, or alternatively a theme or album one. Each round the members of forum vote for any number of songs to either stay or leave the game, until only one remains - the winner.

    How do I get to host one?

    Simply go to the Survivor Queues & Request sticky topic in the Music Games & Survivors forum and request one in your message in the thread. You will be tagged in the thread when your turn comes and be asked to begin.

    I have one ready to start, what do I do next?

    You make a topic in the Survivors forum clearly stating in the title the name and round number of your Survivor and list the songs. At the end of the topic, ask the members to vote off or save as many songs as you see fit and count the votes for the next round. Alternatively, you might want to ask players to rank songs, or choose between a battle. A countdown list of songs is widely regarded as a good way of keeping track of losing songs.

    How often do I need to update my Survivor?

    Survivors must be updated every 24-48 hours. If it has been 48 hours without an update, a moderator will remind you. If there has been no update within 24 hours from the moderator's reminder, then a moderator will update the Survivor themselves. If the Survivor is using rounds such as random groups, then the moderator will update the best way they see fit. If you know in advance that you will not be able to update a Survivor within 48 hours, please let a moderator know. Depending on your reason, an extension to update may be possible.

    Please only opt to run a Survivor if you know you will have the time to do it - if you cannot run your Survivor when it reaches the top of the queue it will be placed on hold for a maximum of two months.

    How many Survivors am I allowed to have?

    Each member is entitled to have two survivors in each queue at a time and run two at a time as long as they are updated regularly. If you are already doing two Survivors and you are due to start another one, your other Survivor that you are due to start will be put on hold until you are able to start it once another Survivor in the queue in question finishes.

    What happens when a song wins?

    When a song wins it is inducted into a Survivor Of Survivors, a game pitting Survivor winners against each other. If a song already participated in the SoS, the runner-up will represent the Survivor instead, and so on. The winner of SoS is inducted into the UKMIX Hall of Fame.

    How long can it be before a Survivor gets another go-round?

    Ten years after the start of the previous same Survivor, an new version of the Survivor may be reserved again.

    Can I run a Survivor that is compiled of songs from my previous Survivors?

    Generally, no. Aside from the Survivor of Survivors series, we ask that all Survivors are original ideas, however, moderators may use discretion on a case-by-case basis.

    Newly Released Albums

    Recently, there have been several instances where a survivor is ready to start before the album has even been released (e.g. Kylie's 'Golden'). Unlike years ago, the waiting time between reserving a survivor and starting it is only around two months. From now on, a new album can be reserved once the release date has been confirmed (as is the current rule) but it will not be added to the queue until the album has actually been released. This way, there'll be at least a few weeks before the survivor is ready to start. A separate 'reserved list' may be added onto Page 1 if necessary.

    Race Rounds

    These types of rounds are being overused lately, and the moderation team has decided to limit them. Race rounds are particularly useful when there are a high number of songs in a survivor (50+) but at other times, they are unnecessary and just drag out a round, creating fatigue. As stated in the rule above, Survivors need to be updated every 24-48 hours - however, some of these race rounds last longer than that. On the other hand, some of them last less than 24 hours, which is also problematic, as regular players do not get a chance to participate. The moderation team is therefore requesting that a Survivor has a maximum of three race rounds, and it is strongly advised not to use a race once a Survivor reaches the top 10. A moderator will intervene if they feel this is not being adhered to.