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  • cheapthrills
    155th FSC (Apr 2020) - Dallmann Station, Antarctica*


    Argentina (Leo) | Lucia Tacchetti - Gritan Fuerte
    Australia (Nanda) | Betty Who - The One

    Brazil (cheapthrills) | Oriente Acústico - Linda Louca e Mimada
    Canada (westhammer) | Ralph - Gravity

    Croatia (navi) | Kali Lago - I feel the winds again
    France (CandyPerfumeBoy) | Nazca - Loups
    Iceland (Affillate) | Greta Salóme - Wildfire (Feat. Tiny)
    Iran (ConstantinosV) | Sevdaliza - Human
    Japan (Spiral) | 向井太一 / I Like It
    Namibia (Spartan) | Nianell - Who Painted the Moon?
    Netherlands (Top10) | Guz - Without You (ft. Hannah Jane Lewis)
    Norway (heppolo) | Evigheten - Eksistensen

    Philippines (xtofer) | Chevy Cruze - Miguel Odron
    Poland (Mainshow) | sanah - Szampan
    South Africa (KindOf) | Arno Carstens - Empire of the Night
    South Korea (Colbie) | ONG SEONG WU 옹성우 - Gravity
    Spain (maroon) | Niños Mutantes - Todo Va a Cambiar
    Sweden (trebor) | DYNAZTY - Heartless Madness

    Ukraine (franklex) | Артем Пивоваров - Карма
    United Kingdom (jio) | The Spitfires - (Just Won't) Keep Me Down
    United States (mondflug) | PRIZM - All Night


    01 Ukraine (franklex) 86
    02 Poland (Mainshow) 84
    03 Croatia (navi) 69
    04 Sweden (trebor) 68
    05 United States (mondflug) 65
    06 France (CandyPerfumeBoy) 65
    07 Iran (ConstantinosV) 65
    08 Spain (maroon) 65
    09 Canada (westhammer) 60
    10 Japan (Spiral) 60
    11 Australia (Nanda) 59
    12 Argentina (Leo) 58
    13 South Africa (KindOf) 58
    14 Philippines (xtofer) 55
    15 South Korea (Colbie) 55
    16 United Kingdom (jio) 51
    17 Namibia (Spartan) 48
    18 Norway (heppolo) 45
    19 Netherlands (Top10) 41
    20 Iceland (Affillate) 31
    21 Brazil (cheapthrills) 30

    Note: Tie for 5th place broken by total number of voters.
    *A German research station was used in Antarctica for this one.

    Winner: Ukraine (franklex)

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  • cheapthrills
    154th FSC (Mar 2020) - Dresden, Germany


    Argentina (HC55555) | Marilina Bertoldi - RACAT
    Australia (Affillate) | Emalia - Prima Donna
    Belarus (heppolo) | Molchat Doma - Tancevat
    Cameroon (KindOf) | Vagabon - Water Me Down

    Croatia (navi) | Ask the Kiddos - Chicago
    Denmark (CandyPerfumeBoy) | MATTIS - The Chain (Play With Me)

    France (maroon) | Fauve - Les Hautes Lumieres
    Georgia (ConstantinosV) | Tamta - Sex With Your Ex
    Germany (trebor) | Johannes Oerding - An guten Tagen
    Guatemala (cheapthrills) | Fabiola Roudha - Dame Tu Amor
    Italy (Top10) | Andrea 2k Feat. Richie Loop & Norah B - Miami

    Malaysia (Spiral) | Elizabeth Tan - SHH
    Philippines (xtofer) | Route 83 - Pagmahay
    Poland (Mainshow) | BEHEMOTH - Blow Your Trumpets Gabriel
    South Korea (Colbie) | 김우성(WOOSUNG) - Face
    Spain (mondflug) | El Arrebato and Alicia Jimenez - Cuando Quieras Quiero

    Sweden (westhammer) | Winona Oak - Let Me Know
    Ukraine (franklex) | Alina Pash - BOSORKANYA
    United Kingdom (Leo) | Antony & Cleopatra - Hurt Like Hell
    United States (jio) | Elijah Blake - Hanging Tree


    01 Germany (trebor) 98
    02 South Korea (Colbie) 83
    03 United States (jio) 79
    04 Croatia (navi) 74
    05 Denmark (CandyPerfumeBoy) 71
    06 Cameroon (KindOf) 67
    07 Belarus (heppolo) 62
    08 Spain (mondflug) 62
    09 Ukraine (franklex) 61
    10 France (maroon) 57
    11 United Kingdom (Leo) 55
    12 Sweden (westhammer) 54
    13 Guatemala (cheapthrills) 52
    14 Georgia (ConstantinosV) 49
    15 Malaysia (Spiral) 48
    16 Poland (Mainshow) 43
    17 Australia (Affillate) 41
    18 Philippines (xtofer) 41
    19 Italy (Top10) 5
    20 Argentina (HC55555) 0

    Note: Argentina failed to vote and was disqualified.

    Winner: Germany (trebor)

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  • cheapthrills
    153rd FSC (Feb 2020) - Yekaterinburg, Russia


    Argentina (HC55555) | Make Mama Proud - Artificial
    Croatia (navi) | Overflow - I Know You
    France (cheapthrills) | Requin Chagrin - Sémaphore
    Germany (trebor) | LOTTE & Max Giesinger - Auf das, was da noch kommt
    Greece (ConstantinosV) | Leon of Athens, Katerine Duska - ANEMOΣ
    Ireland (jio) | Jafaris - Time
    Italy (heppolo) | Pasino - Come Un Pazzo

    Japan (Spiral)| I Don't Like Mondays - Zero Gravity
    Luxembourg (Mainshow) | Them Lights - Mysterious Lights

    Mexico (Leo) | Marissa Mur - Pa´ Mi Entero
    Netherlands (Affillate) | Richard Orlinski and Eva Simons - Heartbeat
    Philippines (xtofer) | Alab - Burning
    Poland (Top10) | DRESS - Robimy Hałas
    Portugal (flopho) | Richie Campbell - Slowly

    Russia (Magnus) | Анастасия Некрасова - Расцвела
    South Korea (Colbie) | Moonbyul - Eclipse
    Spain (maroon) | Fuel Fandango - Mi danza (ft. Dani de Morón)
    Sweden (CandyPerfumeBoy) | Janice - Hearts Will Bleed
    Ukraine (franklex) |
    Макс Барских — Моя любовь
    United Kingdom (KindOf) | Saint PHNX - Death of Me
    United States (mondflug) | The Midnight - Lost Boy


    01 Germany (trebor) 96
    02 Greece (ConstantinosV) (-15) 110 -15 = 95
    03 Sweden (CandyPerfumeBoy) 86
    04 Luxembourg (Mainshow) 80
    05 Argentina (HC55555) 76
    06 Italy (heppolo) 71
    07 France (cheapthrills) 69
    08 Ukraine (franklex) 68
    09 United Kingdom (KindOf) 59
    10 Ireland (jio) 58
    11 Japan (Spiral) 57
    12 Spain (maroon) [-10] 63 -10 = 53
    13 Philippines (xtofer) 50
    14 Croatia (navi) 45
    15 Russia (Magnus) 44
    16 United States (mondflug) 44
    17 Netherlands (Affillate) 39
    18 South Korea (Colbie) 39
    19 Mexico (Leo) 38
    20 Portugal (flopho) 18
    21 Poland (Top10) 8

    Note: Spain and Greece were both assessed late penalty, with 10 and 15 points assessed respectively

    Winner: Germany (trebor)

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  • Mainshow
    Wow! I just noticed all the amazing stats and graphics regarding the end of 2019! Amazing work, guys! It was a very interesting read! Congrats to CandyPerfumeBoy for still being the King of FSC & franklex for making Ukraine the #1 country on this forum! Thank you cheapthrills for hosting it and keeping it alive!

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  • cheapthrills
    152nd FSC (Jan 2020) - Quezon City, Philippines


    Argentina (HC55555) | TINI, Lala Ebratt - Fresa
    Australia (Affillate) | Morgan Evans - Diamonds
    Croatia (navi) | VOΛDO - Snooze
    Cuba (mondflug) | Liset Alea & Didi Gutman - A Ver
    France (heppolo) | Bagarre - Béton armé
    Germany (CandyPerfumeBoy) | Nina - Automatic Call
    Greece (ConstantinosV) | Marseaux x dPans x Brando x Geo RVSD - Τέλεια Ατελείς
    Israel (jio) | Riff Cohen - J'aime
    Japan (KindOf) | Da Pump - U.S.A.
    Malaysia (Spiral) | Midnight Fusic - Lovesick
    Moldova (Magnus) | Ева Тимуш - Ищи Меня
    New Zealand (cheapthrills) | Graham Candy – Back Into It
    Philippines (xtofer) | Kiana V - Hide My Love
    Poland (Mainshow) | Kwiat Jabłoni - "Dziś późno pójdę spać
    Portugal (flopho) | MEERA - Little Of Your Time
    Russia (JakeP) | Zivert - Beverly Hills
    Spain (maroon) | Dvicio, Taburete - 5 Sentidos
    Sweden (trebor) | Sabaton - Bismarck
    Ukraine (franklex) | Onuka - Zenit
    United Kingdom (Leo) | IDER - Mirror
    United States (urbanmusik) | Amber Mark - Love Me Right

    01 Russia (JakeP) 121
    02 Malaysia (Spiral) 86
    03 Cuba (mondflug) 86
    04 Germany (CandyPerfumeBoy) 84
    05 Portugal (flopho) (-15) 94-15=79
    06 France (heppolo) 75
    07 United States (urbanmusik) 72
    08 Ukraine (franklex) 70
    09 New Zealand (cheapthrills) 67
    10 Sweden (trebor) 66
    11 Spain (maroon) 63
    12 Poland (Mainshow) 62
    13 Israel (jio) 57
    14 Australia (Affillate) 39
    15 United Kingdom (Leo) 34
    16 Argentina (HC55555) 32
    17 Japan (KindOf) 29
    18 Croatia (navi) 24
    19 Greece (ConstantinosV) 23
    20 Philippines (xtofer) 21
    21 Moldova (Magnus) 13-15=0

    Note: Portugal and Moldova were both assessed a 15 point late penalty.

    Winner: Russia (JakeP)

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  • ConstantinosV
    wow for some reason i just checked all the year end charts.. I have to say I was never 12th but maybe 32nd the first year I played.

    I am very excited my best scoring song is in top 20 even if it was not a win and on the 20th spot At least if I ever do better than that, I know it is an all time top 20 hehe.

    Thank you cheapthrills great data!!!

    And omg franklex this graphic was amazing!!!! Thank you as well!!

    sorry I dont tag, I can't find it haha

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  • cheapthrills
    Originally posted by HC55555 View Post
    About year-end tracking: I wonder why [MENTION=38400]trebor[/MENTION] is #12 with 490 points (above me), when he has less points? Shouldn't he be 17th based on points?
    Yeah, he should. Not sure what happened when I sorted that Excel sheet. Which means I'm 13th... but I'm too lazy to go back and deal with the spreadsheet again. That takes forever.

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  • HC55555
    Originally posted by franklex View Post
    Happy New Year! Got a free day to make a some info graphics of Past year
    Wow this is amazing thanks

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  • HC55555
    About year-end tracking: I wonder why [MENTION=38400]trebor[/MENTION] is #12 with 490 points (above me), when he has less points? Shouldn't he be 17th based on points?

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  • cheapthrills
    Originally posted by Magnus View Post
    I notice the last UKMix update in late January last year mangled the title and artist of my last entry:

    If possible, update this to:

    Russia (Magnus) | Клава Кока — Ненавижу-обожаю
    Yes, there's a bit of that from when the site was upgraded last February. I've updated the entry.

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  • Magnus
    I notice the last UKMix update in late January last year mangled the title and artist of my last entry:

    140th FSC (Jan. 2019): Tallinn, Estonia

    Russia (Magnus) | ????? ???? — ????????-??????
    If possible, update this to:

    Russia (Magnus) | Клава Кока — Ненавижу-обожаю

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  • Spiral
    Originally posted by cheapthrills View Post
    So happy to help end your streak
    From the bottom of my not so broken heart, as a wise person from a reality show that got eliminated but a fruit called Jujube (different spelling) once said, thank you T_T

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  • Spiral
    [MENTION=38557]franklex[/MENTION] great graphic though my avatar was switched with westhammer (and I don't even like Ariana .....)

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  • cheapthrills
    Originally posted by Spiral View Post
    For once in 6 years in a row I participated every month, I didn't ranked last but 2nd last among those who participate in every month.
    So happy to help end your streak

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  • jio
    Good graphics franklex. Was expecting a fall, surprised I am still Top 10 tbh

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  • Spiral
    For once in 6 years in a row I participated every month, I didn't ranked last but 2nd last among those who participate in every month.

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  • cheapthrills
    [MENTION=34683]Leo[/MENTION] I understand what you are getting at. I'm glad you are participating in any capacity.

    Meant to tag the people who participated last year so they can see franklex's graphics and the tables.

    Sad to see Grybop and grooveboy fall off this year - I know they were both getting busy in their personal lives though.


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  • Leo
    Amazing graphic franklex ! And cheapthrills, great data and loved the bonus track. I remember the only month I won was in fact a tie

    For reasons I won't share I don't feel the passion to track member's rank anymore, in fact the game is much less exciting for me but for now I'll keep taking part to discover some music.

    My approach during the years I did the tracking was to keep them udpated month by month. 10 minutes per month and then january 1st you have all data ready. But you added a lot of value info taht I was not tracking!!!

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  • cheapthrills
    The below table shows the Top 20 scoring songs of the entire decade. SIX of the songs belong to CandyPerfumeBoy, who has been dominating practically since he started participating. France appears the most times on this list (4) while the UK and Norway make three appearances each.

    Just making the cut is Belgium, which current has the record for highest scoring song that did not win (135).

    Some other sidebars not shown here - the most amazing finish was in Jan uary 2016 when the top three ended in a tie of 128 points and third place had 127 points, the most points scored for a third place song. The entrants then:

    128 Australia (@leo) | Lenka - Blue Skies (January 2016)
    128 France (@jio) | Imany - Don't Be So Shy (Filatov & Karas remix) (January 2016)*
    127 South Korea (@xtofer) | Lim Kim - Awoo (January 2016)**
    [MENTION=32891]Mainshow[/MENTION] has the highest scoring fourth place song, in December 2014, with 114 points - Fifth Harmony's Sledgehammer from the US.

    Score Country Participant Song Date
    147 France @heppolo Léa Paci - Pour Aller Où? May 2018
    147 New Zealand @CandyPerfumeBoy Broods - Free July 2016
    145 Germany @CandyPerfumeBoy Kilian & Jo feat. Erik Rapp - Suburbia Oct. 2016
    145 Norway @Blondini Donkeyboy (feat. Kiesza) - Triggerfinger July 2014
    144 France @Tansike Indila - Dernière danse March 2014
    142 Norway @CandyPerfumeBoy Band of Gold - IWanna Dance With You Again Dec. 2017
    141 UK @Era Years & Years -Take Shelter Nov. 2014
    141 Germany @flopho Alice Merton - No Roots April 2017
    141 France @heppolo Fiona Walden - Shoot Me Down June 2018
    141 UK @Affillate Tom Grennan - Found What I've Been Looking For Nov. 2018
    140 Australia @JSparksFan Josef Salvat - Open Season April 2016
    139 Canada @Benny Tegan & Sara - I Was A Fool Sep. 2013
    139 Netherlands @CandyPerfumeBoy Thomas Azier - Futuresound Oct. 2015
    139 US @Grybop LP - Lost on you June 2016
    138 France @LionH3art Christine And The Queens - Christine March 2015
    136 Norway @mondflug Running To The Sea-Röyksopp & Susanne Sundfør Jan. 2013
    136 UK @CandyPerfumeBoy Shura - Touch April 2015
    136 Denmark @CandyPerfumeBoy Dúné - Searching for a Party Dec. 2016
    135 Netherlands @UKMusicLova Sumera - I See You Feb. 2015
    135 Belgium @ConstantinosV Loïc Nottet -Mud Blood Dec. 2017

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  • cheapthrills

    As I did last year, I have updated the chart from what [MENTION=34683]Leo[/MENTION] created in years past. I wouldn't mind if you took this over next year, Leo. It's a lot of data!

    Note: If you can't read the images, you can right click on them and open in a new tab. You should be able to zoom in on them there.

    Participant Standings

    Our total number of entries was down in 2019 to 250 entries from 278 the previous two years. That works out to a 20.83 average. The month with the least amount of submissions was July, when most of us are in the thick of summer - there were 18 entries that month. , in which there were 19 entries. February was the busiest month with 24 entires.

    As last year, the entries have gone down with the number of participants. We had 38 participants in 2018 and 32 in 2019. However, we did have some brand new entrants this year, including one that whole contest his second time out - [MENTION=3221]maroon[/MENTION]. [MENTION=64715]Top10[/MENTION] also joined us for the final third of the year.

    CandyPerfumeBoy is once again at the top for a 5th year in a row, this time with a much healthier margin than last year when he skated by heppolo by three points. CPB was in the top five nine of the twelve months, up form last year. He had some lower ranking songs at the beginning of the year, but has now managed to be in the top five for six months straight. He went into the new year with a similar streak the previous year. Keep it up!

    Mainshow moved up yet again - to the highest rank since 2014! He also had a strong year which saw four top five placements and a dominating win in September with his Israel entry.

    The rest of the top five consists of regulars who have reached new peaks:

    KindOf had a huge jump from #17 this year. He had five top five appearances, and appears to be gaining traction on his partner in crime CPB.

    franklex had enormous success championing Ukraine this year. In fact, his only deviation from a Ukrainian entry came in December, which was his lowest month. This is franklex's first time in the top five, and he has a boost almost as huge as KindOf

    For fifth place there was a tie, the tiebreaker being the position they carried in 2018. That means Undercover nabs a top in the year-end top five for the first time since he joined FSC in 2014! Undercover had two top five placements, but was quite consistent in appearing in the top ten. he is the only person in the top ten who missed a month!, so this total could have been even higher.

    The bottom half of the top ten starts with mondflug, who has two wins this year, and stays in the top ten, but at a higher position. heppolo is down slightly from his peak last year of #2, but had success during the year with three top five appearances. who started the year with a win and top five appearance. Afillate hangs on for a third consecutive top ten appearnace, down slightly form #4 last year. He had one top five appearance. [b[jio[/b] has a fifth year in the top at #9, down slightly form last year. He also had one top five appearance. . Closing out the top ten, we have Spiral, who reaches a new high! This is his first time finishing in the top ten since joining in 2013. Congratulations, Spiral!

    Ten players submitted a song every month. They ranked from #1 (CandyPerfumeBoy) to #14 (me). I'm the only one not in the top ten. What an awful year for me We also had a handful more who only missed one month.

    CandyPerfumeBoyis the poster with the most 100+ points songs. He managed to score above that mark 3 times. Two of these songs were winning songs.

    The winning song which reached the most points was kids form the sky - Yellow Paradise which was submitted by navi for Croatia in July. It reached 127 points.

    xtofer was the player that, winning a month (December ), ended up in the lowest position (@ #25) of any with a winning song. The lower position is due to missing most of the year until returning in September.

    Participant Averages

    Average ranking are provided as last year. These are less weighted towards one-hit wonders like last year, and this time CandyPerfumeBoy tops this list as well. The top five is actually the same as in the other list, with only the slight difference of Undercover and franklex switching places. It appears we have less participants this year, but the ones we do have are more committed.


    58 countries ranked this year, slightly down from 62 last year, but only down slightly from 66 two years ago. 14 countries exit and 10 enter (or re-enter).

    The top country is Ukraine, which flies to the top primarily on the support of franklex, with a successful CPB chaser in December. Australia is not far behind at #2, up from its #3 placement last year. These two countries were the only ones to participate in each month. Last year's #1, the UK, slips to #3 this year

    Australia and Ireland were both multiple winners this year, winning twice. This helped Australia move up, but even more dramatically, Ireland is in the top ten for the first time in five years.

    Despite not winning this year, the Ukraine had more top five placements (7) than any other country.

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  • trebor
    Originally posted by franklex View Post
    Happy New Year! Got a free day to make a some info graphics of Past year.
    Thank you! Looks stunning!

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  • cheapthrills
    Wow, incredible work [MENTION=38557]franklex[/MENTION] - I have been working on some statistics this weekend and was just wrapping them up. The same ones that Leo presented a couple years ago. There's a little overlap, but I will post them later today. I'm just working on one more table.

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  • franklex
    Happy New Year! Got a free day to make a some info graphics of Past year.

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  • cheapthrills
    151st FSC (Dec. 2019) Nottingham, United Kingdom


    Argentina (HC55555) | Nicki Nicole - Diva
    Australia (Thriller) | PNAU - Solid Gold (feat. Kira Divine & Marques Toliver)
    Bahrain (Leo) | Flamingods - Paradise Drive
    Bosnia & Herzegovina (Undercover) | Dubioza Kolektiv feat. Manu Chao - Cross The Line
    Canada (cheaphtrills) | Lindi Ortega - Christmas Eve Without You
    Denmark (maroon) | Lord Siva & Vera - Paris
    France (heppolo) | Eddy de Pretto - Random
    Germany (Affillate) | Wincent Weiss - Feuerwerk
    Greece (ConstantinosV) | Iasonas Mandilas - Hilia Kommatia
    Ireland (jio) | Villagers - Did You Know?
    Japan (Spiral) | FAKY - Girls Gotta Live
    New Zealand (westhammer) | Robinson - Don't Say
    Philippines (xtofer) | No Hearts - Gibbs
    Portugal (Mainshow) | Stereossauro - Flor de Maracujá feat. Camané
    Romania (Top10) | Monoir feat. Junatek - Marrakech
    Slovenia (navi) | Insan - Naivnima
    Sweden (KindOf) | Maja Kristina - Idiot
    Switzerland (trebor) | Troubas Kater - Latvia
    Turkey (flopho) | Sila - Acısa da Öldürmez
    Ukraine (CandyPerfumeBoy) | Артем Пивоваров - No.1
    United Kingdom (mondflug) | Kalax - Calling (feat Frankmusik)
    United States (franklex) | Club Yoko - Voilà

    01 Philippines (xtofer) 107
    02 Bosnia and Herzegovina (Undercover) 100
    03 Australia (Thriller) 92
    04 France (heppolo) 86
    05 Ukraine (CandyPerfumeBoy) 86
    06 Portugal (Mainshow) 78
    07 Sweden (KindOf) 74
    08 Japan (Spiral) 72
    09 Greece (ConstantinosV) 56
    10 Denmark (maroon) 55
    11 Ireland (jio) 53
    12 Bahrain (Leo) 47
    13 Romania (Top10) 46
    14 Switzerland (trebor) 44
    15 United Kingdom (mondflug) 40
    16 Slovenia (navi) 39
    17 Argentina (HC55555) 38
    18 Germany (Affillate) 30
    19 Canada (cheapthrills) 26
    20 United States (franklex) 25
    21 Turkey (flopho) 22

    Note: New Zealand failed to vote and was disqualified.

    Winner: Philippines (xtofer)

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  • cheapthrills
    150th FSC (Nov 2019) Reims, France


    Australia (Thriller) | Kita Alexander - Between You & I
    Canada (trebor) | Bleu Jeans Bleu - Coton Ouaté
    Chile (flopho) | Cami - Aquí Estoy
    Croatia (navi) | Punčke - CHK CHK
    Germany (CandyPerfumeBoy) | Wincent Weiss- Was machst du nur mit mir
    Greece (ConstantinosV) | Marseaux - Το Τανγκό της Μαρσό
    Malaysia (Spiral) | Andi Bernadee - Donde
    Morocco (jio) | OUM - Daba (دابا)
    North Macedonia (Affillate) | Karolina Goceva - Zvona/Ѕвона
    Philippines (xtofer) | UDD - Sigurado
    Poland (Mainshow) | Daria Zawialow - Szarówka
    Portugal (heppolo) | Capitão Fausto - Boa Memória
    South Korea (Colbie) | (G)I-DLE - Lion
    Spain (maroon) | Chambao - Papeles Mojados
    Sweden (KindOf) | Den Svenska Björnstammen - Trumma Trumma
    Turkey (Undercover) | Jakuzi - Ne Teselli Ne Avuntu
    Ukraine (franklex) | The Hardkiss - Кораблi
    United Kingdom (mondflug) | Zak Abel - Love Song
    United States (westhammer) | Sasha Sloan - Older
    Vietnam (cheapthrills) | Trúc Nhân - Sáng Mắt Chưa (ตาสว่างหรือยัง)

    01 United Kingdom 108
    02 Germany 107
    03 Poland 98
    04 Ukraine 85
    05 Australia 79
    06 Turkey 75
    07 Chile 61
    08 North Macedonia 60
    09 United States 57
    10 Portugal 56
    11 Sweden 54
    12 Philippines 48
    13 Canada 46
    14 Croatia 46
    15 South Korea 44
    16 Vietnam 37
    17 Morocco 35
    18 Malaysia 30
    19 Greece 24
    20 Spain 10

    Note: To celebrate the 150th, entries were required to be in an official language of the selected country.

    Winner: United Kingdom (mondflug)

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