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155th FSC (Apr. 2020) - Dallmann Station, Antarctica (Ergebnisse)

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  • Originally posted by franklex View Post
    And yes it may be KYIV this time, becouse last time Odesa hosted FSC
    Franklex will be hosting the 156th FSC!


    • Originally posted by cheapthrills View Post

      The first FSC I ever participated in was Ukraine's first win- Jan. of 2017!

      I had to check where it was - it was in Odessa, so you are correct that Kiev is our next location!
      Yes and the Feb 2017 contest (with the cool graphics) was also my first win (a year after I started playing in Feb of 2016).

      Thanks for all the Iceland voters (and a 10 from Spartan!) got a lot of low pointers. The cutesy video and Iceland for Antarctica theming didn't boost my votes but didn't come last (by 1 point haha).

      Canada was really catchy, Enjoyed Poland up there in my top votes too - there were quite a few lower down my list that couldve been higher in another month maybe. Anyways well done Ukraine (my 12 Pointer).

      UKMIXtapes Vol.3 | ROUND 9!


      • Wow! That was indeed very close!

        Congratulations, franklex for your 2nd victory! It's well-deserved and I'm glad my #1 won this month.

        Thank you for everyone having voted for Poland, especially jio for his 12. I didn't expect finishing #2 after seeing Poland being part of the bottom 5 (kind of) mid-way. It's my favourite Polish song right now and it means a lot to me that some of you really appreciated it!

        The 65-pts-ties are crazy!

        It's interesting to see that the Top 3 consists of Slavic countries only (Ukraine, Poland, Croatia) this time! That's quite unusual for us.

        I'm glad to see Sweden (my #2) being part of the Top 5 as well. I believe that Argentina is a bit underrated.

        Personally, I loved this month and it wasn't easy to come up with a Top 10 - Can't wait to see you guys in Kyiv next month ;) #staysafe
        Mainshow Goes Diva: Kylie Minogue


        • Congrats to Franklex! What a great song, it almost made my top spot!
          I loooooved Betty Who's song so much, it's pure pop nostalgia

          see you next month
          Thought that was a good solution hanging with the raisin girls