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156th FSC (May 2020) - Kyiv, Ukraine (ZAVERSHENO)

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  • [Game] 156th FSC (May 2020) - Kyiv, Ukraine (ZAVERSHENO)


    Greetings to all of you beautiful people! Ukraine became champion of 2019 and it seems like this year chances are also very high! Last month, just like the previous time, franklex gained another victory for Ukraine and for himself, with a song 'Karma' by Artem Pyvovarov. Since last time in Odesa, 39 editions (3 years) have passed and we are going back again to Ukraine. Ukraine has announced that Kyiv will host 156th edition. After cold Antarctica we all need to warm up and start moving again! This time we are moving to another great city, no less warm than Odesa!
    Welcome all of you to one of the oldest cities in Europe. It is the biggest city of Ukraine and its capital, known as the mother of cities of Rus', famous city of Kyi - KYIV.


    In the beginning there was Kyiv. Long before Ukraine and Russia existed, the city's inhabitants were already striding up and down the green hills, idling hot afternoons away on the Dnipro River and promenading along Khreshchatyk – then a stream, now the main avenue. From here, East Slavic civilisation spread all the way to Alaska.
    One of the oldest cities in Eastern Europe, Kyiv is also one of the loveliest and boasts a beguiling blend of opulent mediaeval architecture and stark Stalinist blocks.
    A place of broad boulevards and onion-domed churches, there’s no shortage of things to see, while its burgeoning restaurant scene, seemingly untroubled by recent events, continues to grow.
    Most picturesque of all is Andriyivsky Uzviz (Andrew’s Descent), a cobbled hill packed with traders and tiny museums.


    01. This is a monthly contest, modeled after Eurovision. You need to have at least 10 posts to your credit to take part.
    02. You can pick any country in the world.
    03. The artist you choose has either to be a citizen of the country they'll represent or to have been born there. At least HALF of the people from your act must be from the country you choose.
    04. Your song must be 10 years old at the most. For 2020, eligible entries must have been released after December 31st, 2009.
    05. Eurovision entries are not allowed. Songs from concurrent Eurovision heats are not allowed either.
    06. The song cannot have been a UK/US Top 40 hit, as it would give it an unfair advantage.
    07. The song can be a remix.
    08. The song cannot be a cover version.
    09. If your song features a sample, please state it early enough, so the other contestants can decide whether it is acceptable or not by poll.
    10. You cannot vote for your own country.
    11. Discussion about one's favourites during the contest is NOT ALLOWED, as it has the potential to influence the voting.
    12. PLEASE try and choose a song not everyone would know, the point is to discover new artists.
    13. If a song becomes or is found to be ineligible at any time before the voting is over, it will be disqualified.
    14. Make sure you understand all the rules before you take part. You will need to devote about 2 hours of your time to this game to listen to all the entries at least once. Do a little research on your entry before you present it, be sure that it doesn't violate any rules, and check here to see if it has taken part before.



    Present your entry or just reserve your country. Last month's top 5 get their choice from last month reserved, so nobody may choose these countries until they let them go: Ukraine, Poland, Croatia. Sweden and United States.
    15..16 MAY

    Pick any country that hasn't been presented yet and present your entry (ALL reservations are now expired). A maximum of 30 confirmed entries in total will be accepted.
    17..28 MAY

    Whoever fails to vote during this period will be subject to the penalties described under Late Vote and Very Late Vote.

    Click here to check current time inKyiv
    29 MAY

    Whoever votes on this date will receive a 10 points penalty.
    30 MAY

    Whoever votes on this date will receive a 15 points penalty. Whoever fails to vote by this date will be disqualified.

    Click here to check current time inKyiv
    31 MAY



    Thu April 30, 2020 21:00
    Sun May 31, 2020 21:00
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    At same time we all are moving to Olimpiyskiy! Where we start our beautiful contest in middle of May 2020! Well known singer ALLOISE with director Kadim Tarasov and KOZAR Dance Theatre present a path of man from another side created by a human mind of Ukrainian writer Vasyl Molfar. They named their work Molfar.

    The story of Molfar tells us about the two worlds in which we live. One of them is bright, created with love, from which all living things come from - joy, happiness, laughter and the other world - in which we suffer in experiences and thoughts. People, living life in their imagination, fall into an unconscious dream, creating their own reality, while fears frighten and prevent them from being themselves.


    156 Forum Song Contest welcomes new 20 entries that goes soon to our FSC history! From around the Globe, from 5 continents we are having songs for us this time. 11 countries of this edition was participating last month. Most of songs (11) will performed in English [ ] and another 6 will performed in different native languages [ ] adding 2 more songs in French [ ] and 2 more in Spanish [ ]. The variety of genres and quality of this months is insane! I hope each of you will enjoyed as much as I did.


    Dakh Daughters - intellectual freak-cabaret created in 2012. The band consists of seven women, who play on various instruments and sing in different languages and dialects. Already well known to the public as actresses of the DAKH Theatre in Kyiv, band members ended up on neutral ground in between musical genre and dramatic art, in the right experimentally-creative space.Seven actresses took musical instruments into their hands in order to create life-affirming performance about love, freedom and beauty which at the end of the day – will save the world.

    Exclusive logos
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      Amazing graphics and lovely idea (to include logos)

      Edit: Ukmix is a few seconds behind
      Mainshow Goes Diva: Kylie Minogue


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        Germany, pls

        Poland is free.
        Mainshow Goes Diva: Kylie Minogue


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          Thought that was a good solution hanging with the raisin girls


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            UK plyz


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              1 Turkey

              Merve Deniz - Haberin Yok

              - 01 -

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                Very cool presentation

                You all are going to be so disappointed when I open the thread next month

                I'll take Canada


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                  You say that I must eat so many lemons, cos I am so Bitt-er


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                    Keeping USA
                    My Year End Chart 2011

                    FSC Powered!


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                      jio CHARTS NOW: 10/5/2022:


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                        Finland, please!
                        trebor's - 2016 in Country Music
                        trebor's - 2015 in Country Music


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                          2. South Korea

                          Chung Ha - Stay Tonight

                          - 02 -

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                            Algeria please (bit of a culture mixture song I've found)


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                              03 | ALGERIA

                              Zaho ft. MHD - Laissez-les kouma
                              - 03 -

                              ​​​​Released: 2016
                              An English Translation:
                              Born in Algeria, Zaho moved to Montreal Canada at 18. Singing in French, this song features French rapper MHD, whom wikipedia states: "is known for blending trap music with music of West Africa; a genre he coined as "Afro Trap"".
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                                - 04 -

                                Las Ligas Menores - Peces en el Mar

                                Si me vuelvo a equivocar / If I make a mistake again
                                qué va a pasar? / what's going to happen?
                                qué van a decir? / what will they tell me?
                                me van a retar? / will they punish me?

                                Si lo vuelvo a intentar / If I try it again
                                y sale mal / and it goes wrong
                                no voy a mentir / I won't lie
                                me voy a defraudar / I'm going to be disappointed

                                Si realmente lo voy a dudar / If I am really doubting
                                No va a pasar / It won't happen
                                Lejos voy a estar / I'll be far away
                                Viendo peces en el mar / Watching fishes in the sea

                                I love the adolescent and raw feeling of this song. Hope you enjoy it!
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                                  - 05 -


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                                    - FINLAND -
                                    - BEAST IN BLACK -
                                    - BLIND AND FROZEN -
                                    - BERSERKER -
                                    2017 -

                                    - 06 -

                                    A five-piece Helsinki based heavy metal band BEAST IN BLACK was founded by Anton Kabanen soon after he had parted ways with BATTLE BEAST in 2015.
                                    The international line-up consists of Yannis Papadopoulos (voc), Mate Molnar (bass), Sami Hänninen (drs), Kasperi Heikkinen (gtr) and Anton Kabanen (gtr, voc).
                                    By the end of 2015 the band had already played their first gig as an opener for NIGHTWISH without even having their debut album out yet.
                                    The making of the album was in progress and it was completed in the summer of 2017.
                                    A record deal was made with NUCLEAR BLAST almost immediately after the completion of the album.
                                    The debut album titled "BERSERKER" is set to be released in November 2017 and it continues in the style of Anton's previously composed works which include the first three Battle Beast albums.
                                    And let it be mentioned that one of the essential themes on this debut is a Japanese manga and anime "BERSERK".
                                    The album cover art deserves a special mention as well, since it marks the return of the collaboration between Anton and Roman Ismailov who was the original illustrator and graphic artist for Battle Beast.
                                    The time is drawing near. The newborn Beast is back with a vengeance, rising from the abyss with fortitude to spew its unrivaled heavy metal fury all over the world!
                                    Beast In Black, the Beast is back!

                                    trebor's - 2016 in Country Music
                                    trebor's - 2015 in Country Music


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                                        Belgium for me pls!!


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                                          07. Belgium
                                          Loïc Nottet - Mr/Mme
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                                            South Africa please


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                                              I'll change to Italy... so Israel is free
                                              jio CHARTS NOW: 10/5/2022:


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                                                08. Spain

                                                Vitalic feat La Bien Querida - Tu Conmigo

                                                Thought that was a good solution hanging with the raisin girls


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                                                  I did forget about my own entry with all this paining hehe. I will keep Ukraine.
                                                  I want to admit that cheapthrills makes a huge job each month! It's not such easy to edit all this things with vbullentin forum engine heheh. I would use an opportunity to appropriate your work cheapthrills !!!
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