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156th FSC (May 2020) - Kyiv, Ukraine (ZAVERSHENO)

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    I was trying to sent my votes on the weekend but private messages were not working.
    The time should be extended in these circumstances, I think. Anyway, I've just sent my votes.


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      I hope u all have updated your PC since last time heheh and you are using Google Chrome Browser (optional).
      I make a few interesting things for our voting process. Please check picture below.

      This month we all voted on time!
      Scorewiz link I will post a bit later when I add last voters into it.


      Full version is image-linked. And under picture is a link to lite version.


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        Floored and stunned by the great presentation!
        franklex #Respect!
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        That was simply stunning! What a presentation! You have aun unbounded talent, franklex!

        Regarding the results, I'm glad the song I found the best won. Mine kinda flopped, but I appreciate a lot the twelve-pointer from xtofer (as well as the additional bunch of points it received - thank you very much!!)
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          standing ovation franklex!!!!!!

          another month another flop. I thought my top was going to be at least top 3. Good winner!
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            Indeed franklex's presentation was the real winner here...

            YAY )))))

            PS: I do listen to Spain, Belgium and Turkey's entries a lot... great job guys
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              Thanks for displaying the results so beautifully, franklex! Congrats to jio for that massive win!

              Feeling like I had a huge disconnect with the voters this time around - truly disappointed with Belgium's position; I thought it would be contending. It was a real grower for me. Pleased to see South Korea and Eritrea did well.

              Spiral, Spartan, navi, mondflug, Leo - so glad you liked Canada's entry - one of my favorite songs I've discovered this year.


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                Congratulations to the winner! It was also nice to see Finland doing well.
                Thank you, franklex for the wonderful presentation and the last 12 pts, I am a bit gutted that The Hardkiss underperformed so much.
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                  Amazing presentation Franklex!

                  Congratulations Navi!
                  You drew stars around my scars


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                    franklex what an amazing presentation!!!!
                    Thank you very much for hosting this month!!

                    I also wanna thank those 4 people who gave me their votes.

                    Lastly I wanna say congrats to jio !!! An amazing entry

                    even though my personal favorite was Mainshow


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                      I forget to tell if you press key 'T' (like 'Q' in scorewiz) at result page it will open final table with point at any time.
                      And here is a link to - SCOREWIZ Results


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                        Originally posted by jio View Post
                        PS: I do listen to Spain, Belgium and Turkey's entries a lot... great job guys
                        We must have similar taste as Spain was by far my number 1 and Belgium my number 2 as well. I also placed Turkey quite high and in the previous editions our votes were very often quite close. Congratulations, the Italian song was one of the better ones in this contest indeed.

                        Presentation is impressive, I agree with everyone.


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                          Originally posted by Colbie View Post
                          Congratulations Navi!
                          thanks, but i'm not sure for what congrats
                          although i expect much more, my entry didn't impress all of you,

                          Congratulations to franklex for those eyesight sensations,
                          hats off


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                            Well done Italy, didn't like it myself but well done anyway.

                            Thanks for all the votes, I think 6th place is my second best showing in this competition.


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                              Well Done Italy, I had it around mid upper section of my votes. Thanks for all the votes for Algeria, 12 from Colbie IIRC. Also great presentation frankiex.
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                                franklex Yes fantastic presentation this month, you’ve set the bar very high going forward. Appreciate the hours you spent working on this.


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                                  Congratulations to jio for the worthy win!
                                  Speechless really for ending up second. Thought my entry would end up somewhere at the bottom.
                                  So, thank you very much for your votes!
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                                    Great show, franklex! The presentation was absolutely exciting and amazing!

                                    Congrats, jio, so happy my favourite entry won! I wasn't a huge fan of Elodie's Sanremo enry this year but your entry was absolutely anazing!

                                    Thank you for voting for Germany! So happy about my result - the band is about to release a new album soon (can't wait)! Danke!
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                                      jiofranklex Great winner. I loved the voting presentation too, what a great job.

                                      Thanks for the Eritrean votes, happy with my placing
                                      You say that I must eat so many lemons, cos I am so Bitt-er


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                                        Thnx everyone for your words! It was a pleasure to me host this edition! I hope to win once again hahah and host another edition! If it happens we will be in Dnipro City next time. I got already some ideas for next theme
                                        jio, Congratulations! I'm very glad you won with such a huge result! Btw your result is a record of this year, for now! Also nice to see trebor with more hard entry getting 2nd place!
                                        Thought Turkey ( heppolo ) will end much higher. And I knew I will flop a bit but Did not expect it so low heheh. But it happens with me at FSC. So till next month in Italy!