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158th FSC (July 2020) - Limerick, Ireland (TORTHAÍ)

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  • Congrats Colbie ! Finally South Korea gets a win (and yourself too). Even if I hadnt voted it at all would've tied (and not sure if I got enough 12's to then win). Thanks for all the Denmark votes everyone. My best placing so far this year. IIRC I also think it's a PB for Christopher (in the handful of songs he's been entered in FSC, 3 of those being mine IIRC).

    Sweden was really catchy, did anyone else get 'Stand By Me' vibes from the Columbian entry? also Croatia was a top pick in the early listening through. I think we had some reciprocal voting high between myself and navi there too.
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    • Congrats, Colbie!

      I'm here for retro month. Just need to find the right song.
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      • Originally posted by jszmiles View Post

        well, at least I presented Spanish song (I think it was in Spanish) this month but almost no-one cared
        I'm a Spaniard and I don't understand a single word of it
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        • Congratulations, Colbie ! Well done!
          Pleased to see that I finished on the left side of the score board.... Thanks for all your support!
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          • Originally posted by mondflug View Post

            I'm a Spaniard and I don't understand a single word of it
            really? no matter what, it's marvelous for me
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            • Congrats Colbie & South Korea. Very happy with my placing

              Not sure what to do for retro month
              You say that I must eat so many lemons, cos I am so Bitt-er


              • Congratulations, Colbie! So happy for your victory!

                Thanks for voting for French Polynesia - Glad a few seemed to enjoy it! - I loved Germany CandyPerfumeBoy I think it's one of your best entries ever (together with "Dreck" for Switzerland).
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