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160th FSC (Sep. 2020) - Zurich, Switzerland (ERGEBNISSE)

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  • [Game] 160th FSC (Sep. 2020) - Zurich, Switzerland (ERGEBNISSE)

    Wir kehren in das Land Tansike zurück! Willkommen und genießen Sie Ihren Besuch!

    We return to the land of Tansike! Welcome and enjoy your visit!

    It's our sixth time in Switzerland, but surprisingly, we've never been to the largest city! We finally get around to visiting Zurich, courtesy of Mainshow who came from behind to take the crown with this delightful song:

    Lovebugs - Avalon

    You can take your pick of what attracts you in Zurich. It's a great place to walk around outdoors with the picturesque Alps as a backdrop and of course, Lake Zurich right in the midst of it. As you walk around, perhaps you can check out the old town area of Altstadt. With its cobblestone streets, it's an old medieval area filled with museums and restaurants to distract you.

    If cool buildings are your thing, it's hard to miss the Grossmünster's towers of the large church which grace the city. The church itself dates back to medieval times, and is famous for its role in the Swiss Reformation movement.

    But... you all are probably like me and just want some alcohol. How about the Oepfelchammer? If you can hand from a ceiling beam and finish a glass of wine without spilling it, you'll get your name carved into the wall for everlasting infamy. Just make sure you wait until you vote. Can't have you hurting yourself before then!


    01. This is a monthly contest, modeled after Eurovision. You need to have at least 10 posts to your credit to take part.
    02. You can pick any country in the world.
    03. The artist you choose has either to be a citizen of the country they'll represent or to have been born there. At least HALF of the people from your act must be from the country you choose.
    04. Your song must be under 10 years old. Eligible entries must have been released after January 1st, 2010.
    05. Eurovision entries are not allowed. Songs from concurrent Eurovision heats are not allowed either.
    06. The song cannot have been a UK/US Top 40 hit, as it would give it an unfair advantage.
    07. The song can be a remix.
    08. The song cannot be a cover version.
    09. If your song features a sample, please state it early enough, so the other contestants can decide whether it is acceptable or not by poll.
    10. You cannot vote for your own country.
    11. Discussion about one's favorites during the contest is NOT ALLOWED, as it has the potential to influence the voting.
    12. PLEASE try and choose a song not everyone would know, the point is to discover new artists.
    13. If a song becomes or is found to be ineligible at any time before the voting is over, it will be disqualified.
    14. Make sure you understand all the rules before you take part. You will need to devote about 2 hours of your time to this game to listen to all the entries at least once. Do a little research on your entry before you present it, be sure that it doesn't violate any rules, and check here to see if it has taken part before.


    01 - 14/9 | RESERVE & PRESENT: Present your entry or just reserve your country. Last month's top 5 get their choice from last month reserved, so nobody may choose these countries until they let them go:

    01 Switzerland (Mainshow)
    02 Australia (Affillate)
    03 Italy (mondflug)
    04 Germany (CandyPerfumeBoy)
    05 Argentina (Leo)

    15/9 | PRESENT: Pick any country that hasn't been presented yet and present your entry (ALL reservations are now expired). A maximum of 30 confirmed entries in total will be accepted.

    16 - 27/9 | VOTE! Whoever fails to vote during this period will be subject to the penalties described under Late Vote and Very Late Vote

    28/9| Late Vote: Whoever votes on this date will receive a 10 points penalty.

    29/9 | Very Late Vote: Whoever votes on this date will receive a 15 points penalty. Whoever fails to vote by this date (Zurich time ) will be disqualified.

    30/9 | Results



    Argentina (Top10) | Ángela Torres - Guapo
    Australia (Affillate) | Daryl Braithwaite - Love Songs
    Belgium (Colbie) | Lous and the Yakuza - Dilemme

    Colombia (mondflug) | Kali Uchis - Solita
    Czechia (cheapthrills) | Mikolas Josef - Colorado
    Denmark (CandyPerfumeBoy) | Lydmor - Someone We Used To Love
    France (westhammer) | Eddy de Pretto - Kid
    Germany (trebor) | Mark Forster - Übermorgen
    Greece (ConstantinosV) | Amaryllis - Matado
    Hong Kong (KindOf) | Jackson Wang - 100 Ways
    Iceland (Spartan) | Vök - Erase You
    India (heppolo) | Parekh & Singh - Ghost
    Japan (Spiral) |
    Ken Hirai - Aishiteru
    Netherlands (Nanda) | Davina Michelle - My Own World
    Philippines (navi) | beabadoobee - Care
    Poland (jszmiles) | Quebonafide feat. Daria Zawiałow - BubbleTea
    Spain (maroon) | Adiós Amores - Charlotte
    Sweden (Tansike) |
    Anna Bergendahl - Thelma And Louise
    Switzerland (Mainshow) | Red Moon - Dogma
    Ukraine (franklex) | BEZ OBMEZHEN - ZORI ZAPALALY
    United Kingdom (Leo) | The Big Moon - Your Light
    United States (JSparksFan) |
    Teyana Taylor - We Got Love (feat. Lauryn Hill)

    Tagging those of you who participated this year - let me know if you don't want to be tagged in future FSC posts:

    Tue September 15, 2020 21:55
    Tue September 15, 2020 22:00
    160th FSC

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    Yes, I'm a little bit early, but system is being weird, so I figured I'd start it while I could.

    I'm going with Czechia this month.


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      uk, although I may release it later


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          You say that I must eat so many lemons, cos I am so Bitt-er


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            I am keeping Sweden for another month!!!


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              Colombia, unless UK is released (let me know if it's the case Leo )

              Italia is free
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                cheapthrills you need to change the retro date rule back in the template - still says song must be over 10 years old.
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                    Denmark please
                    Thought that was a good solution hanging with the raisin girls


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                      1. Belgium

                      Lous and the Yakuza - Dilemme

                      Last edited by Colbie; Tue September 1, 2020, 07:28.


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                        2. India
                        Parekh & Singh - Ghost

                        Genre: Indie Pop, Dream Pop
                        For the fans of: Belle & Sebastian, Kings Of Convenience
                        Year: 2017
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                          Mikolas Josef - Colorado


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                            4. Argentina
                            Ángela Torres - Guapo
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                            Top 10 - 26.01.2021.


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                              - 5 -

                              GERMANY - Mark Forster - Übermorgen - (Single) - 2020 -
                              trebor's - 2016 in Country Music
                              trebor's - 2015 in Country Music


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                                Iceland pleasee.


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                                    6. UK

                                    The Big Moon - Your Light

                                    sorry mondflug I'll keep UK, it's hard to grab and found this nice song I wanted to share.
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                                      07 | AUSTRALIA

                                      DARYL BRAITHWAITE - LOVE SONGS

                                      Released | 2020

                                      With a career stretching back to the 60's and 70's with the Band SHERBET and also solo material, 71 year old Braithwaite has returned with a new song (after his last album nearly 7 years ago). It's his first Top 50 single on the ARIA chart in 27 years (#43). It was originally in mind for P!nk, has been doing well on radio (and performed on The Voice Australia also).
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                                        8. Japan
                                        Ken Hirai - Aishiteru


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                                          09. Denmark

                                          Lydmor - Someone We Used To Love

                                          Thought that was a good solution hanging with the raisin girls


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                                            10. Hong Kong

                                            Jackson Wang - 100 Ways


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                                              After unexpectedly winning with Switzerland last month (thank you once again!!), I've been looking for some Swiss artists because I would like to keep the country but honestly, I've already been running out of them (and I just don't wanna make a lazy choice and submit a song by Lucca Hänni).
                                              Anyway, I found a song I truly like and it's performed by 5 people being part of a project. However, only 2 identities have been revealed over the last 2 years. The musicians take part whilst using pseudonyms.
                                              It's an international project - only the identities of the song's two vocalists are known: One is Austrian, the other is Swiss.
                                              (no information on the drummer, the guitarist, the bassist - not on Wikipedia, not in any reviews of their albums, not even as part of comments on YouTube). It just says "multiinternational project" (one fan proposed that one musician might be Norwegian).

                                              Do you think this artist would be eligible? Taking in all information, the band is 50% Swiss based on the revealed/known identities.

                                              Do we have rules in terms of some band members being labelled "multinational" + wearing masks (so that there's no chance in getting to know their nationalities?)
                                              Last edited by Mainshow; Thu September 3, 2020, 23:02.
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                                                I'm ok with it. After all, this consists of showcasing songs otherwise we won't discover ourselves, so if the song is obscure enough, green light from me
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                                                  Originally posted by Mainshow View Post
                                                  Do we have rules in terms of some band members being labelled "multinational" + wearing masks (so that there's no chance in getting to know their nationalities?)
                                                  Ugh, idk. I feel like the true nationality of an act should be verified before submitting it. We can't really determine the nationality with the given information. For all we know, all of the members could be Austrian, except the one Swiss member.