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164th FSC (Jan. 2021) - Venice, Italy (RISULTATI)

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  • 164th FSC (Jan. 2021) - Venice, Italy (RISULTATI)

    Felice anno nuovo! il 2021!
    Happy new year! It's 2021!

    Well, in Italy, it's 2021 - some of us are still waiting it out in 2020 for a few more hours. We return here after just a short break. In an interesting twist, the last time Italy won was when it was held in the Ukraine, which franklex hosted. And now we are in Italy again thanks to franklex. In one of the tightest top fives in history, franklex finished out 2020 winning with this banger:

    I thought Venice would be a beautiful place to bring in 2021. It's one of the most famous cities in the world, where there are no cars, only gondolas as waterways serve as transportation lanes. Canals and bridges are the ways to get around the many islands that make up this beautiful city. I was lucky enough to visit several years ago, and I remember just letting myself get lost and trying to find my way around. Obviously St. Marks' Basilica and the Rialto Bridge are highlights, but I also enjoyed seeing the old Jewish section of Venice, where Jews had lived for several hundred years. It will be hard for us to not get distracted here!


    01. This is a monthly contest, modeled after Eurovision. You need to have at least 10 posts to your credit to take part.
    02. You can pick any country in the world.
    03. The artist you choose has either to be a citizen of the country they'll represent or to have been born there. At least HALF of the people from your act must be from the country you choose.
    04. Your song must be under 10 years old. Eligible entries must have been released after January 1st, 2011.
    05. Eurovision entries are not allowed. Songs from concurrent Eurovision heats are not allowed either.
    06. The song cannot have been a UK/US Top 40 hit, as it would give it an unfair advantage.
    07. The song can be a remix.
    08. The song cannot be a cover version.
    09. If your song features a sample, please state it early enough, so the other contestants can decide whether it is acceptable or not by poll.
    10. You cannot vote for your own country.
    11. Discussion about one's favorites during the contest is NOT ALLOWED, as it has the potential to influence the voting.
    12. PLEASE try and choose a song not everyone would know, the point is to discover new artists.
    13. If a song becomes or is found to be ineligible at any time before the voting is over, it will be disqualified.
    14. Make sure you understand all the rules before you take part. You will need to devote about 2 hours of your time to this game to listen to all the entries at least once. Do a little research on your entry before you present it, be sure that it doesn't violate any rules, and check here to see if it has taken part before.


    01 - 15/12 | RESERVE & PRESENT: Present your entry or just reserve your country. Last month's top 5 get their choice from last month reserved, so nobody may choose these countries until they let them go:

    01 Italy (franklex)
    02 Finland (trebor)
    03 Somalia (Spartan)
    04 Lithuania (Affillate)
    05 Switzerland (CandyPerfumeBoy)

    16/1 | PRESENT: Pick any country that hasn't been presented yet and present your entry (ALL reservations are now expired). A maximum of 30 confirmed entries in total will be accepted.

    17 - 28/1 | VOTE! Whoever fails to vote during this period will be subject to the penalties described under Late Vote and Very Late Vote

    29/1 | Late Vote: Whoever votes on this date will receive a 10 points penalty.

    30/1 | Very Late Vote: Whoever votes on this date will receive a 15 points penalty. Whoever fails to vote by this date (Venice time ) will be disqualified.

    31/1 | Results



    Albania (Colbie) | Eugent Bushpepa - Stay With Me Tonight
    Australia (cheapthrills) | Hazel English - Shaking
    Bulgaria (Top10) |
    Poli Genova - Last Night
    Croatia (navi) | Chasing Nord - Sonic Heart
    Estonia (JSparksFan) | deLULU - Safer Than Home
    France (maroon) | Voyou - Le Confort
    Germany (KindOf) | Purple Disco Machine, Sophie and the Giants - Hypnotized
    Greece (ConstantinosV) | Mr. Genesis's - GENESIS
    Ireland (CandyPerfumeBoy) | Exiles - Autopilot (Irish Version)
    Italy (Nostalgiee) |
    Annalisa - Tsunami
    Japan (Spiral) | Uru - The Last Rain
    Kazakhstan (Mainshow) | Jah Khalib - Джадуа (ALT Link)
    Lithuania (Affillate) | Donatas Montvydas ft. Džordana Butkutė - 17
    Mongolia (trebor) | The HU - Wolf Totem
    Morocco (Leo) | ABIR - Yallah
    Netherlands (Spartan) | Alex Who? - Then & Now
    Norway (GaGarazzi) | Ane Brun - Don't Run and Hide
    Portugal (heppolo) | Ana Cludia - Riso
    Spain (mondflug) | Annie B. Sweet - Buen Viaje
    Sweden (flopho) | JUNG - Follow Your Heart (ALT Link)
    Ukraine (franklex) | KAZKA - Пісня Сміливих Дівчат
    United Kingdom (jio) |
    Galaxians - Chemical Reaction

    Playlist courtesy of @ConstantinosV

    Tagging those of you who have recently participated - let me know if you don't want to be tagged in future FSC posts:

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    I'll start 2021 with Australia where it is already 2021


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      CHECK UKMIX RETRO Chart Facts


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        Ne me cherche pas, je ne suis plus l, baby


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          Somalia is free, don’t all rush at once to reserve it.


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            I'll stick with the US.
            Akini's Top 100 Albums of All-Time [2022 Edition: #86]
            Your Billboard Top Ten: #1 Running Up That Hill (A Deal with God) [3 weeks]
            AlbumClash 2.0: [Florence + the Machine vs. Drake]

            I'm not saying I love you unconditionally, but we have been through a shitload of conditions and I'm still here.


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              United Kingdom
              jio CHARTS NOW: 10/5/2022:


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                Thought that was a good solution hanging with the raisin girls


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                  Norway please


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                    PAYPAL DONATE: Coffee for franklex Ử


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                      1 Portugal

                      Ana Cludia - Riso

                      Genre: Dream Pop
                      Year: 2014

                      Waffles are checked cookies


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                          I might just go with the song I almost picked last month in another back to back Artist appearance (but this month as a duet).
                          Last edited by Affillate; Fri January 1, 2021, 13:37.


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                            02 // LITHUANIA

                            Donatas Montvydas (Donny Montell) feat. Džordana Butkutė - 17

                            Released: 2020

                            Lithuanian Lyrics and an English Translation:



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                                My Year End Chart 2011

                                FSC Powered!


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                                  3. CROATIA
                                  Chasing Nord - Sonic Heart


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                                    04 SWEDEN

                                    JUNG - 'Follow Your Heart'

                                    Last edited by flopho; Sat January 2, 2021, 01:45.
                                    Ne me cherche pas, je ne suis plus l, baby


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                                      5. Morocco

                                      ABIR - Yallah

                                      CHECK UKMIX RETRO Chart Facts
                                      FIRST CYCLE or SECOND CYCLE


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                                        6. FRANCE

                                        Voyou - "Le Confort"



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                                          Edited second #4 entry to #5 and subsequently #5 to #6
                                          Edited video embed for #6. Videos have tags [ YOUTUBE ] and [ /YOUTUBE ] {no spaces] with only the video identifier code included inbetween the command lines.
                                          trebor's - 2016 in Country Music
                                          trebor's - 2015 in Country Music


                                          • cheapthrills
                                            cheapthrills commented
                                            Editing a comment
                                            Thanks, trebor

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                                          flopho would you have an alternate link? - the video is geo-limited for me.


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                                            7. AUSTRALIA

                                            Hazel English - Shaking


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                                              8. Norway

                                              Ane Brun - Don't Run and Hide


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                                                9. Germany 4fa31ed32e021c928a7736ea3880c00a.jpg

                                                Purple Disco Machine, Sophie and the Giants - Hypnotized