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The Ultimate 2000s Survivor - FINISHED!

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  • matthew_dixon
    Go on - let's pick a selection largely from the early part of the decade as that's what I've got up to in my new all time chart.

    Bluetones - After Hours (2002)
    Eva Cassidy - Over The Rainbow (2001)
    Ooberman - Shorley Wall (2000)
    Bluetones - Never Going Nowhere (2003)
    Bluetones - Keep The Home Fires Burning (2000)
    Mark Joseph - Bringing Back Those Memories (2004)
    Elton John - This Train Don't Stop Here Anymore (2002)
    Beautiful South - Just A Few Things That I Ain't (2003)
    Divine Comedy - Come Home Billy Bird (2004)
    Mark Joseph - Get Through (2003)

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  • Noahh
    Linkin Park - Breaking the Habit (2004)
    Sugababes - Run For Cover (2001)
    Anastacia - Paid My Dues (2001)
    Editors - Papillon (2009)
    Hilary Duff - Come Clean (2004)
    Muse - Starlight (2006)
    Christina Aguilera - Hurt (2006)
    Anastasia - One Day In Your Life (2002)
    Sugababes - Shape (2003)
    Evanescence - Everybody’s Fool (2004)

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  • ludichris
    Brandy - Afrodisiac (2004)
    Mutya Buena, Amy Winehouse - B Boy Baby (2007)
    Sonique - Can't Make Up My Mind (2003)
    Gwen Stefani - Cool (2005)
    Santana, Michelle Branch - The Game Of Love (2002)
    No Doubt - Hella Good (2002)
    The Shapeshifters - Incredible (2006)
    Alesha Dixon - Knockdown (2006)
    Phixx - Love Revolution (2004)
    Sophie Ellis-Bextor - Today The Sun's On Us (2007)

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  • cheapthrills
    Will pick some acts to provide variety

    Five for Fighting - Superman (It's Not Easy) - (2001)
    India Arie - Video (2001)
    Norah Jones - Don't Know Why (2003)
    Transplants - Diamonds and Guns (2003)
    Scissor Sisters - Take Your Mama (2004)
    Annie - Chewing Gum (2005)
    Juanes - La Camisa Negra (2005)
    Franz Ferdinand - No You Girls (2009)
    Noisettes - Never Forget You (2009)
    Yeah Yeah Yeahs - Zero (2009)

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  • ludichris
    I'm on it! Just found my first song from an ex girl group member that was released in 2007.

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  • Thriller
    started a topic [Survivor] The Ultimate 2000s Survivor - FINISHED!

    The Ultimate 2000s Survivor - FINISHED!

    Welcome to the Ultimate 2000s Survivor!

    This epic survivor follows on from the Ultimate 1990s Survivor which was hosted by me in 2018/2019 and won by You Oughta Know by Alanis Morissette, beating Nirvana's Smells Like Teen Spirit.

    Also in the top 10 for that decade were Whitney Houston, Roxette, Annie Lennox, Kylie Minogue, No Doubt, Oasis, Mariah Carey and George Michael... will any of them feature in the 2000s top 10?

    I will be running this in the same way as that survivor, so what will we include?
    • Every UK top 10 hit from the beginning of 2000 to the end of 2009.
    • Any songs that were hits in the 00s that had been an equal or bigger hit in a previous year wont be included.
    • A song that precedes the decade but wasn't a hit previously, or was a smaller hit, (e.g. Amarillo, It Feels So Good) will be included.
    • Covers and significant remixes (e.g. Thunder In My Heart Again) are also included.
    • A selection of songs from outside of the top 10 will be chosen by you.
    The final list of songs is still being compiled; the initial rounds will be split into groups. The songs with the most votes will go through automatically to the next stage, those that don’t make it through may have another chance to do so as a wildcard later on. Then, we will have a final list to work through after the initial group stages.

    Your first job is to nominate up to 10 songs of your choice that charted between the number 11 and 75 in the 00s. Once a song has been nominated you don’t need to choose it again as it will automatically be included. You can check chart positions here:

    This game will hopefully begin on Sunday/Monday, so you have just under a week!

    Tagging some people who played last time: Chantal matthew_dixon SholasBoy Wayne biscuits Leo Benny cheapthrills heppolo JakeP artur JSparksFan Erotica navi Jonathan HotPotato RayRay Spartan Unbreakable34 FreakyFlyBry GaGarazzi but everyone is welcome to join in - let's make it a huge survivor in celebration of the decade the UKMIX forums were born.