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141st FSC (Feb. 2019) Geelong, Australia (RESULTS)

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  • Originally posted by jio View Post
    Hmmm so then I should complain for when I was placed second by scorewiz in a tie with #1 a while back lol.Anyway I will break the tie for you guys:
    Albania/Argentina/Canada/Croatia/Germany/Mali/Holland/Slovenia and USA preferred New Zealand
    France/Greece/Norway/Russia/Singapore/South Africa/South Korea/Spain/Sweden/Ukraine and UK preferred Poland

    so 11 countries for Poland and 9 for New Zealand (and 2 for neither). So Poland should win
    That's a great tie-breaking system. I don't think having most unique voters is better than having most 12 points or viceversa, so THAT should be IT.

    Also, what's wrong about embracing a tie? RuPaul did it on All Stars 4, it's time to do it here I guess not this month since everyone's agreeing with Poland as the winner, but in the given case a tie is done with the exact same statics (which is unlikely but still posible) or in a tie involving a placement which isn't #1 - I wouldn't have mind sharing Peru's Top 5 placement with Ukraine.


    • Can’t believe you’re all robbing me of my second ever win!

      Just kidding, I agree Poland should win as I think Kuba did likely try to vote on time and he was a clear ten points ahead. To be honest, I imagined my NZ entry would struggle to make the top 10 so to come second is a real treat! Thanks to everyone who enjoyed it, especially westhammer and Noahh. Would’ve liked to see Ukraine a bit higher but overall decent results.


      • Does it still mean that I can not participate in next month's contest because I was late
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        • Originally posted by jszmiles View Post
          Does it still mean that I can not participate in next month's contest because I was late
          Yes! Bad boy!

          To be serious, unfortunately, you and [MENTION=32149]Nanda[/MENTION] are excluded from participating next month. I do realize that you had an email situation, but that's a risk taken if you are trying to vote close to the deadline. I'm so, so sorry! Imposing penalties is the worst part of hosting.

          I had a similar situation in Nov. 2017 - I think I hit preview on my votes instead of submit, so Grybop didn't get them. And yes, I was disqualified. And yes, I was completely bitter.


          • Originally posted by cheapthrills View Post
            Imposing penalties is the worst part of hosting.
            Then remove 'em 🌚

            I'd very much prefer if instead giving negative points and disqualifying next month, which is pretty severe and stressful for a game, people is given 10 extra points for votes presented early, and/or maybe allowing them to keep their countries next month. Instead of a "late vote" and "very late vote", an "very early vote" and "early vote", then the rest of the days is normal, and a disqualification for the current month if you missed deadline.

            Top 5 prizes may be priority of choosing countries next month, even the ones already on lock by people who voted early previous month. Kind of like a "steal country" card.

            But oh well that's just ideas. I may be starting a new different game soon so I can make my own rules there 🤔
            Last edited by HC55555; Wed February 27th, 2019, 21:37.


            • Rules are rules, no issues here. So see you in 2 months then going to celebrate my bitter victory now
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              • I wanna thank everyone for the votes!!
                Thanks CPB for the 12 pts!
                My favorite this month was Russia !! Deserved moreeee

                As for the vote. Even though the decision is already kind of taken, I want to say that I agree to give the win to Poland as it would get more pts if it wasn't for the penalty. In any other case I believe that a tie could stay a tie and not be broken. I would love to see a complete tie.
                I cannot remember if I voted for the scorewiz or Eurovision tie breaking rules, but I think that once we didn't know about how scorewiz deals with ties, we can have the vote again. Knowing what is going on, I would definitely not vote for scorewiz


                • Wait [MENTION=24524]HC55555[/MENTION] you changed your previous comment completely

                  I'm not unopposed to reviewing the rules on late entries. This rule was instituted about 3 1/2 years ago (Nanda's suggestion!) as a result of a poll. It appears there were enough people who had had it with waiting for results because of two or three late people.

                  So, if many people are finding it a hindrance, and want to alter it, I'm open to that. I just don't see people really complain about those rules unless they are affected by them.


                  • [MENTION=36758]ConstantinosV[/MENTION], yes, we probably do need to revisit the tie situation since scorewiz sometimes gives conflicting results. There have been a couple suggestions mentioned, which could be accepting ties or using a different tiebreaker.

                    I appreciate everyone being civil about both these matters.


                    • Glad I did well again, enjoyed a lot of songs this month. The Dutch entry deserved so much better.


                      • Congrats to jszmiles and Poland! Nice to be in Wroclaw this month; well-deserved victory!

                        Thanks to everyone voting for Russia, especially the 12s and 10s.. didn't see it coming at all, since it's a bit "rap"-ish but I absolutely love the beat. Glad I wasn't the only one.

                        Regarding ties in the future,
                        Even though, I voted differently last time, I think I fully support "Eurovision rules" now since it seems that some ties really get messy and people seem to be unsatisfied with it and Eurovision rules are kinda "official" and it can prevent the issue to become a subject of heated debate again.
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