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144th FSC (May 2019) - Hobart, Australia (RESULTS)

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    A little late to reacting, but just wanted to say, it was more of a nail biter on the back end, and it wasn't until the last rush of votes came in that things really firmed up in the results. Ukraine was quite a bit ahead in the early votes, and for awhile it was really tight with Iceland. Argentina was helped a bit by the final votes as well I believe.

    Just made the top half this month, but I did think people would embrace Jack more. [MENTION=23671]jio[/MENTION] I wanted to use Candlelight (that was my intention when I tried to get the UK a few months ago), but at this point, I figured some people would have heard it, so I went with my 2nd favorite from his album.

    Anyhow, I will update the history thread with these results in a couple days.