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151st FSC (Dec 2019) - Nottingham, UK (RESULTS)

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  • 151st FSC (Dec 2019) - Nottingham, UK (RESULTS)

    Happy holidays! We'll ring out the year in the UK!

    By the barest of margins, [MENTION=18431]mondflug[/MENTION] took the FSC crown to the UK last month with this terrific entry:

    We travel to Nottingham, of Robin Hood fame. This time of year, they are a destination town for holiday festivities. Just look at how they've decorated!


    01. This is a monthly contest, modeled after Eurovision. You need to have at least 10 posts to your credit to take part.
    02. You can pick any country in the world.
    03. The artist you choose has either to be a citizen of the country they'll represent or to have been born there. At least HALF of the people from your act must be from the country you choose.
    04. Your song must be less than 10 years old. Eligible entries must have been released after January 1st, 2009.
    05. Eurovision entries are not allowed. Songs from concurrent Eurovision heats are not allowed either.
    06. The song cannot have been a UK/US Top 40 hit, as it would give it an unfair advantage.
    07. The song can be a remix.
    08. The song cannot be a cover version.
    09. If your song features a sample, please state it early enough, so the other contestants can decide whether it is acceptable or not by poll.
    10. You cannot vote for your own country.
    11. Discussion about one's favorites during the contest is NOT ALLOWED, as it has the potential to influence the voting.
    12. PLEASE try and choose a song not everyone would know, the point is to discover new artists.
    13. If a song becomes or is found to be ineligible at any time before the voting is over, it will be disqualified.
    14. Make sure you understand all the rules before you take part. You will need to devote about 2 hours of your time to this game to listen to all the entries at least once. Do a little research on your entry before you present it, be sure that it doesn't violate any rules, and check here to see if it has taken part before.


    01 - 14/10 | RESERVE & PRESENT: Present your entry or just reserve your country. Last month's top 5 get their choice from last month reserved, so nobody may choose these countries until they let them go:

    01. United Kingdom (mondflug)
    02. Germany (CandyPerfumeBoy)
    03. Poland (Mainshow)
    04. Ukraine (franklex)
    05. Australia (Thriller)

    15/12 PRESENT - All reservations are now expired. This is the final date to present an entry.

    16 - 29/12 | VOTE! Whoever fails to vote during this period cannot participate in the following contest.

    30/12 | Late Vote: Whoever votes on this date will receive a 10 points penalty.

    31/12 | Very Late Vote: Whoever votes on this date will receive a 15 points penalty. Whoever fails to vote by this date (Nottingham time) will be disqualified.

    31/12 | Results



    Argentina (HC55555) | Nicki Nicole - Diva
    Australia (Thriller) | PNAU - Solid Gold (feat. Kira Divine & Marques Toliver)
    Bahrain (Leo) | Flamingods - Paradise Drive
    Bosnia & Herzegovina (Undercover) | Dubioza Kolektiv feat. Manu Chao - Cross The Line
    Canada (cheaphtrills) | Lindi Ortega - Christmas Eve Without You
    Denmark (maroon) | Lord Siva & Vera - Paris
    France (heppolo) | Eddy de Pretto - Random
    Germany (Affillate) | Wincent Weiss - Feuerwerk
    Greece (ConstantinosV) | Iasonas Mandilas - Hilia Kommatia
    Ireland (jio) | Villagers - Did You Know?
    Japan (Spiral) | FAKY - Girls Gotta Live
    New Zealand (westhammer) | Robinson - Don't Say
    Philippines (xtofer) | No Hearts - Gibbs
    Portugal (Mainshow) | Stereossauro - Flor de Maracujá feat. Camané
    Romania (Top10) | Monoir feat. Junatek - Marrakech
    Slovenia (navi) | Insan - Naivnima
    Sweden (KindOf) | Maja Kristina - Idiot
    Switzerland (trebor) | Troubas Kater - Latvia
    Turkey (flopho) | Sila - Acısa da Öldürmez
    Ukraine (CandyPerfumeBoy) | Артем Пивоваров - No.1
    United Kingdom (mondflug) | Kalax - Calling (feat Frankmusik)
    United States (franklex) | Club Yoko - Voilà

    Playlist courtesy of ConstantinosV

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      Ukraine is free


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        Thought that was a good solution hanging with the raisin girls


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            Arg, I wanted USA :(. Keeping UK then (unless franklex agrees a country exchange )
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              New Zealand
              You say that I must eat so many lemons, cos I am so Bitt-er


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                Portugal. Poland is free
                Mainshow Goes Diva: Kylie Minogue


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                  Bosnia and Herzegovina
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                    1. France

                    Eddy de Pretto - Random
                    Genre: Trap, Electronic, Hip-Hop
                    Year: 2019
                    Description: one of my favourite urban tracks of the year

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                      jio CHARTS NOW:1/6/2020:


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                        2. Romania
                        Monoir feat. Junatek - Marrakech

                        The mystical city of Marrakesh is the next stop in an intriguing music adventure of the popular Romanian DJ and producer Chris Thrace, more famous with his other pseudonym Monoir. The video is shot at various locations in the place of fairy tales and the arrangement proves the magnetic power of biharmonic scales.
                        Top 10 - 29.05.2020.


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                            3. SWITZERLAND Schweiz/Suisse/Svizzera/Svizra/Coenfederatio Helvetica

                            Artist: Troubas Kater
                            Song: Latvia
                            Album: Verdammte Novämber
                            Year: 2015

                            Apparently, this song is inspired by Australian band Sons Of The East's: "Hold On".
                            However, in the music work's database the latter have no writing credit. I personally don't see any blatant resemblance, and the chord progression used is/are banjo standards. Should you veto this entry, please do it now!

                            From YouTube:
                            Musik: Troubas Kater. Basiert auf dem Song Hold On von Sons Of The East

                            SUISA Works database: LATVIA 005425 371 62T-917.577.270-0
                            Shareholders Role:Name:Name:
                            CA SOLLBERGER MARKUS 00499 28 30 02
                            AR URECH MATTHIAS 00351 52 73 77
                            Performing artists: TROUBAS KATER
                            General information: Duration (total):3:57 Year of creation:2015
                            trebor's - 2016 in Country Music
                            trebor's - 2015 in Country Music


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                              4 AUSTRALIA

                              PNAU - Solid Gold (feat. Kira Divine & Marques Toliver)


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                                5 Bahrain

                                Flamingods - Paradise Drive

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                                  ^ [MENTION=34683]Leo[/MENTION]: I'm so very happy that you are back!
                                  trebor's - 2016 in Country Music
                                  trebor's - 2015 in Country Music


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                                    6. CANADA

                                    Lindi Ortega - Christmas Eve With You


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                                      Originally posted by trebor View Post
                                      ^ [MENTION=34683]Leo[/MENTION]: I'm so very happy that you are back!
                                      Me too! [MENTION=34683]Leo[/MENTION] I've missed you so much!


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                                        Hi Leo!


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                                          7 Greece
                                          Iasonas Mandilas - Xilia kommatia


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                                            08. UKRAINE

                                            Артем Пивоваров - No.1

                                            Thought that was a good solution hanging with the raisin girls


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                                              Dubioza Kolektiv feat. Manu Chao - Cross The Line

                                              My Likes On Soundcloud


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                                                #10 PORTUGAL

                                                Stereossauro - Flor de Maracujá (feat. Camané)

                                                This entry will probably tank but I will visit the Portuguese islands of Madeira, Sao Miguel and Terceira soon and whilst trying to plan my trip, I found this modern yet traditional/ethno/classy song and I wanted to share it with you. Personally, I think it's haunting.
                                                Mainshow Goes Diva: Kylie Minogue


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