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151st FSC (Dec 2019) - Nottingham, UK (RESULTS)

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    Happy New Year to you all!
    Finally a good result.
    Thanks to all who voted, top 3 is all fine to me. I wish Slovenia was a bit higher.
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      Congratulations to [MENTION=5507]xtofer[/MENTION]! Very happy for you; well done!
      Another semi-flop from my side. Thanks for all the votes; and for those unexpected 12 points from [MENTION=36312]navi[/MENTION]! <3
      Wow at Canada not igniting at all. I thought it was super-cute and well executed. Expected Ireland and Slovenia to do better.
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        Well done Phillipines. I've quite enjoyed a few of the Indonesian picks over the past months so cool to see them win. Thanks for all the votes for Germany. Might post again + my votes later.
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          My top 4 was very strong:

          1 Slovenia (navi) | Insan - Naivnima
          2 Switzerland (trebor) | Troubas Kater - Latvia
          3 Philippines (xtofer) | No Hearts - Gibbs
          4 Bosnia & Herzegovina (Undercover) | Dubioza Kolektiv feat. Manu Chao - Cross The Line

          All were #1 at some point. I am glad Philippines and B&H top this month, and Slovenia and Switzerland deserved much better!

          Happy new year e1!
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            Choosing a seasonal song was FSC suicide, but I just love that one so much - and I knew [MENTION=38400]trebor[/MENTION] would enjoy it at least. Thanks for not letting me down

            A great top two and it was quite close. (It was even closer before NZ's DQ - only three points separated them before that point) - I placed Bosnia slightly higher than the Philippines, but as the results were coming in, I was kind of pulling for the Philippines since we hadn't had an Asian winner in so long. It was tight between those two from when I entered the first 1/3 of votes onward.

            Anyhow, that wraps up 2019 - I will get caught up on the history thread, and see what I can do about replicating Leo's tables for the 2019 statistics - might also be worth looking at the highest performing songs of the decade. I'll see how much energy I have after getting caught up on all that - which won't happen today because well, it's the new year.

            As far as the late vote rule, I plan to put a poll in our first 2020 thread to see if we want to make any changes to it. And as it is almost the new year in the Philippines as we speak, I will be starting that thread quite soon. All of you will be bringing in the new year before me (I think [MENTION=36732]Affillate[/MENTION] already has), so enjoy your evening and I'll wish a joyous and prosperous 2020 to all of you.


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              The new thread ruined the results for me, without that spoiler it would’ve been a really exciting voting reveal.

              Well done xtofer, a good entry. Thank you to everyone who voted for Australia, laters mates.


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                Originally posted by Thriller View Post
                The new thread ruined the results for me, without that spoiler it would’ve been a really exciting voting reveal.

                Well done xtofer, a good entry. Thank you to everyone who voted for Australia, laters mates.
                Oh damn, I didn't think of that. Just thought I'd start it now since it's already the new year there. I actually had it without the country and changed the title.

                EDIT: There, I changed it for now


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                  Interesting results.
                  Stupid question - how do you check who voted for what?
                  I think I'm missing something here...


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                    You press "q" after the results finish...

                    A bit disappointed that the last voter pushed me out of the Top 10 but thanks to all who voted for me, especially the 1 or 2 people who gave me high points... I watched the voting yesterday so I don't quite remember who voted for me. Also big big congrats to the winner although I'd rather see Bosnia take it...
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                      Happy new year to everyone!
                      Congratulations to the winner(s)
                      Didn't vote for the Philippines (maybe i should)
                      Didn't vote for the Ireland either, although it was my third best song (must be the devil's fingers)
                      As usual my entry ended up/down in the lower regions, but i don't mind
                      See you next month


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                        Happy new year everyone!
                        Congrats to the winner and thanks to everyone who voted for the Ukraine
                        Thought that was a good solution hanging with the raisin girls


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                          Congrats to the winner! Big thanks to maroon, jio, Spiral, trebor for your 12 points. cheaphtrills, Top10, big thanks for the 10 points rating. The victory was so close...

                          Ireland and Bahrain should be in the Top 10.

                          Happy New Year 2020
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                            Wowww congrats to everyone!!!! Didn't see this winner coming!!! Thanks to all those who voted for my songgg thanks so much!!!
                            Happy 2020 to everyone sees


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                              Wow, thank you for the votes! It has been over 12 years since my home country won this contest. There were some good results and (mostly) flops over the years, but my main goal is to share the undiscovered gems from my country. We don't have a flourishing music industry but I believe it has so much potential.

                              It just hit me that I've been playing this for over a decade! What a great year to start another decade.

                              I'm glad that most of the songs I voted ended up in the top 10!

                              ...and HAPPY NEW YEAR guys! More music to discover and enjoy this new decade!
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                                To celebrate, here is a live unplugged perfomance of this month's winner:

                                Fun fact: Gibbs is composed of sisters, Alyssa and Gabriella Gibbs. Alyssa is a fashion designer and Gabriella is a professional makeup artist. They are daughters of a popular 90s soul singer/actor and an actress. No Hearts is their debut single, which the duo wrote with their father.


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                                  Good winner! Thank you for all votes for Portugal! The voting was exciting! At first, I thought that I would be finishing Bottom 3 but coming #6 in the end was such an amazing surprise! Obrigado!

                                  I'm glad my favourite (Ukraine) performed so well. Seeing France in the Top 5 is also great!

                                  I'm surprised that Germany underperformed. This song was a huge hit in my country and I thought it would be a hot contender for victory, tbh xD

                                  My 10-pointer Ireland deserved a bit better as well!

                                  Anyway, thank you for an amazing year with FSC and can't wait to see you all in the Philippines
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