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Monique Heart - Beloved SoS 6.3 [EP]

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  • Monique Heart - Beloved SoS 6.3 [EP]

    "Beloved SoS 6.3" is the debut EP by RuPaul's Drag Race star Monique Heart and just came out today (24th January). It was preceded by the single "SUKM (Kiss Me)" that was released last year. Unfortunately, Monique's debut single "Brown Cow Stunning" is not on the EP.

    1. My Prayer For Judah (Ps102; 47-48)
    2. SUKM (Kiss Me) (with KOIL)
    3. Unnoticed
    4. Black Mirror (All Eyes On Me)
    5. Smiles

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    Ok, as much as I loved "Brown Cow Stunning", I get why it's not on this EP. "Kiss Me" seems to finally grow on me, overall a surprisingly solid EP, especially the opening track and "Unnoticed" are really good.

    Monique's got a great voice, actually my favorite singing voice from all Drag Stars to be honest, so I hope there's more music from her in the future. Even though there are five songs on this EP, it only has a length of 11 minutes...


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      I love SuKM but the others will need some time to grow.


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        She’s the best thing to come out of this dam show. I am in love with her and so proud of her glow up.