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  • KEiiNO - OKTA

    "OKTA" is the upcoming debut release by Norwegian trio KEiiNO, who represented their country at the Eurovision Song Contest 2019 with "Spirit In The Sky", that ended up sixth overall and first in the televote. From all of their singles ever since, only "Shallow" and "Vill ha dig" won't make it onto the release.

    Expected release date is the 15th May 2020 - though the original date used to be the 27th March and it got pushed back due to the Coronavirus outbreak, so it's still not entirely sure if it's coming out in mid May.

    Revealed tracklist:

    1. Take Me Home
    2. Black Leather (feat. Charlotte Qamaniq)
    3. Would I Lie (feat. Electric Fields)
    4. Spirit In The Sky
    5. Dancing In The Smoke
    6. Roar Like A Lion (feat. Te Hau Tawhiti)
    7. Praying
    8. Colours
    9. Louder (feat. Drezus)
    10. Bed With The Wolf
    There may be a yet unrevealed bonus track.

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    We already have 60% of the album lol. I could have done with maybe 2 more tracks? I'm not that keen on their Shallow cover, so that leaves Vill Ha Dig to add on maybe?

    Anyway, the 60% I've heard is pop perfection, so hopefully the rest will be as good! They remind me a bit of A*Teens in places, which is no bad thing from my perspective.

    I do love their vocal harmonies and the ethnic influences. Alexandra has such a lovely voice.

    Also, don't tell Sven, but a far as I'm concerned, Norway won last year's Eurovision.


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      So... I was already worried when their latest single "Would I Lie" never got released on iTunes / streaming over here, and now it's the release day for "OKTA" and while it's charting in several iTunes charts all over the world, it's also not released in Switzerland - not even on streaming I hope this gets fixed soon, because I really want to listen to this...


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        OKTA on iTunes
        #4 Norway
        #11 Denmark
        #12 Australia
        #22 Netherlands
        #39 United Kingdom
        #47 Bulgaria
        #89 Germany
        #96 Italy
        #782 United States

        This is doing better than Duncan Laurence' EP!