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Loc Nottet - Sillygomania

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  • Loc Nottet - Sillygomania

    "Sillygomania" is the second studio album by Belgian singer Loc Nottet, who is mostly known for having finished fourth with "Rhythm Inside" at the Eurovision Song Contest 2015. The album was originally planned for an earlier release but got delayed to today, 29th May 2020, following the Coronavirus outbreak.


    1. Sillygomania
    2. On Fire
    3. Heartbreaker
    4. Rosa Maria
    5. Liar
    6. 29
    7. The One
    8. Doctor
    9. Gun
    10. Twym
    11. Cry Out
    12. Candy
    13. Farewell
    14. Mr/Mme

  • #2
    Just finished my first spin... and it's a good album! Not as strong as his debut "Selfocracy" but still a good body of work and tons of good to great tunes. The highlight is still his voice though, I think he's so gifted!

    Sillygomania on iTunes
    #2 Belgium (NE)
    #4 France (NE)
    #8 Switzerland (NE)
    #13 Austria (NE)
    #13 Sweden (NE)
    #17 Russia (NE)
    #24 Italy (NE)
    #28 Mexico (NE)
    #55 Spain (NE)
    #69 Germany (NE)
    #71 Australia (NE)
    #89 United Kingdom (NE)
    #112 Canada (NE)
    #190 United States (NE)

    The album is doing surprisingly well in several markets on iTunes - even charting in the US!