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Amy MacDonald - The Human Demands

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  • Amy MacDonald - The Human Demands

    Scottish Singer-Songwriter Amy MacDonald has announced her fifth studio album today! It's called "The Human Demands" and will be released on the 30th October 2020. The album will contain the following ten songs:

    1. Fire
    2. Statues
    3. Crazy Shade of Blue
    4. The Hudson
    5. The Human Demands
    6. We Could Be So Much More
    7. Young Fire, Old Flame
    8. Bridges
    9. Strong
    10. Something in Nothing

    Alongside the announcement, Amy also released the album's first single - "The Hudson" - today. Here's the audio:

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    To this day, I love 'This Is The Life' (rare case of a 10/10 song for me), 'Mr Rock N Roll' is solid as well. I would love any MacDonald song to hit me like the first one was able to .
    Is it offensive to fall in love with you and everything you do
    and everything you stand for?
    Could I break through your invisible wall, could I hide my pride for once,
    just to tell you that I see more?


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      Can't wait for this!
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        Come through, Amy.
        For me, she improved with each album until 'Under Stars'. That album was a non-event mostly. I am really excited for it. Glad that it is released pretty soon.


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          New song that has been released today. It's called "Crazy Shade Of Blue". Very beautiful!

          I guess it's the second single, but doesn't sound like single / hit material to me. I guess this album will sound amazing as a whole, but won't have that big hit on it like most of her other albums had for me.


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            The new song is beautiful!
            You drew stars around my scars