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    James Corden connects with CL who is ready to drop her debut album, "Alpha," and she shares a performance of her brand new single "HWA".
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    Some songs are already out and it looks like she has something going on with DPR Ian (Christian Yu) which I'm here for. He's an AMAZINGLY TALENTED director and that would be great if he would start directing her visuals.


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      Sad. "All In" is a bop!


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        she's literally the only kpop act I find bearable, still think she could blow up with the right song

        HWA is cute, but not what she needs


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          Originally posted by Rihab View Post
          she's literally the only kpop act I find bearable, still think she could blow up with the right song
          Unfortunately she's indie now so I don't think she has enough funds to hire high-end producers & songwriters. I do think "5 Star" is cute though and hopefully she'll be able to achieve something with that. Also, she's nearing 30 now so I'm not sure if she still has that ambition to be a main Pop girl anymore but we'll see.

          I'll keep supporting her though, she went through a lot and her former label did her so dirty I hate them.


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            Here are some unreleased leaks/demos/whatevers if anyone's interested:

            "Hello Bitches" (unreleased video version)

            "All In"

            "Let Me Love You" (DJ Snake/Justin Bieber demo)

            "Fool for Love"


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                I guess she's back to working with Scooter Braun again?


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                  YES! that would be awesome
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                    After numerous delays, her first studio album is officially out:


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                      Wait, just like that?

                      Gonna have a listen… Lover Like Me kept growing on me lately.


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                        Listened to this last night. It was cute, there's nothing bad in it but there's nothing outstanding either. Gonna have another listen today.

                        Also she played a couple of unreleased songs during her live.

                        "Asian Bitches" ("Hello Bitches" Remix) (feat. M.I.A.)

                        "I Am The Best" (Remix) (feat. Justin Bieber)

                        "One & Only" (feat. Chris Brown)

                        "Let It" (feat. Park Bom & Dara)

                        Random question, if a song went unreleased/scrapped - would the featured artists, writers & producers still get paid? Because if so then I genuinely don't see why they didn't bother to release these after spending so much money on them.


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                          Yes, the first spin for this was solid. It's not the best album out there and especially considering we've been waiting for a while you'd expect more, but at the same time, I also wasn't as disappointed as I expected to be.


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                            She did a live performance where she performed snippets from the album:


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                              IM surprised there is no song with Diplo or Major Lazor ...
                              Surprised to see Anne-Marie as writer on Lover Like Me
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