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Prince - Welcome 2 America

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  • Prince - Welcome 2 America

    Here's the link to the title track:

    And here's the video about the album and pre-order:

    This is the first release of an studio album he never released during his lifetime and hopefully many more to come. Can't wait for this.

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    60 Minutes had a segment about Prince's vault and the 5 year anniversary of his death and they talked about the new album. Here's a clip from the episode where they discuss how it was made and they play some snippets from the album:

    Here's a snippet of one of the songs, "Born 2 Die"

    A video about why he didn't release the album at the time:


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      "Born 2 Die" is now out. This song came about because Prince's friend, Dr. Cornel West, said in an interview that while he loved the singer, he was "no Curtis Mayfield." So Prince said "oh yeah?" and did this song.


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        Like what happened with the previous super deluxe versions, this album will also be getting an official podcast where they'll interview the people who helped make the album. Below is the trailer. The first episode starts on 7/22 on wherever you stream/listen to podcasts.


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          The next song to be released from the album is "Hot Summer." This actually was played on a local Minnesota radio station back in 2010 but it was never officially released:

          Also, the first episode of the 4 part podcast series detailing the making of this album is now out where ever you stream podcasts. Here's a little preview for episode 1:


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            I have pre-ordered the cd/vinyl/dvd edition (which costs a fortune for a vinyl I don't even want but that's the only way to get the DVD) but I have to say I didn't like any of the three "singles" so far... The title track was the best but it wasn't even a real song. Maybe they have to grow on me further but, so far, I think I can see why this album wasn't released...
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              Unboxing of the album.


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                My music library: LAST.FM


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                  I've never listened to a Prince album before but I'm curious to give this a listen.
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                    Obviously, "17 Days" isn't on the new album, but this live clip is from the Welcome 2 America show that is included on the Blu-ray for this album.


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                      Really happy that this album debuted at number 4 on the Billboard top 200, as well as charting high in other countries. Hope this means we'll be getting more unreleased albums in the future.