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  • Aaliyah - Unstoppable

    In many news articles about the release of the new song, "Poison," they mention that the song is part of an upcoming posthumous release. However, this article from Uproxx actually mentions the name of the album:

    No release date yet.

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    (I'm gonna listen but this is a messssssss)

    Blackground 2.0 ain't wasting time.

    Here's hoping Missy and Timbaland did some work on it.


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      I still wonder whether anything was ever recorded between Missy & Eve as they were supposed to be putting together a project in memory of Aaliyah many years ago.
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        Don’t really care if Missy and Timbo are on this. Missy only wrote one song on Aaliyah, and it was written years before the album actually came out.


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          Apparently, it’s coming this month: Link
          With my general stance on posthumous “collaborations”, the fact that none of the mentioned features would excite me even if Babygirl was still alive and the mess that was Poison, I can’t say I’m looking forward to it.
          Also, did he really just say “the one she did with Weeknd” in reference to Poison? No, Barry, SHE didn’t do anything with the Weeknd.
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            Did they realize that this is a terrible idea or why is this still not out?
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              is it being shelved?


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                The song unstoppable is mindblowing I really use to listen to this at my work in a construction company in Pakistan, I was waiting for it when I listen to a premier of this song.