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    She was really lovely today at HMV in London
    She sang a few new songs and old too. She annunced that Crystallise will be the second singles.


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      ^Great pic.
      Sophie is such a lovely person.
      Waffles are checked cookies


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        she's beautiful! seriously one of the prettiest ladies in music. like she doesn't age


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          Now two independent albums deep, would Sophie ever be tempted back to major label? "I mean I’ve taken stuff to labels before and they say they love it, but they don’t know what to do with it or how they’d sell it. I think they do to some degree underestimate the general public’s appetite for something different. People are saying everything sounds a bit samey, but it’s all cyclical in pop music, we’ve been here before and it’ll no doubt go back the other way.
          So she tried at least


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            Originally posted by Westen
            So she tried at least
            Yes, she did. She tried it first with Make A Scene. She really wanted Wanderlust on a major label, she mentioned in one or two interviews that she was trying to find the right "home" for the album. Unfortunately, it never happened.

            But it did wonders for her - it was her first album entirely recorded and released independently and it reached top 5. That was respectable.

            Familia peaked at #12, which is also very good, considering the lack of promo. She's doing everything she can with radio performances and magazine interviews.. I wish there was more interest in this album. Its such a good album, and possibly her best one yet. Its also getting critic appreciation. Idolator and Evening Standard have rated this album 4/5 and Fraser McAlpine of CSI Pop Music gave the album 4.5/5 on Jo Wiley's BBC Radio 2 show.

            Also, blogs like A Bit Of Pop Music, Rock Chickenz and Dave Cromwell Writes have such wonderful things to say about the album. I hope she sells a ton of albums gradually, even if it doesn't have a positive impact on her chart position.
            This and that..


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              Video for 4th single Death of Love



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                Love the new video
                This and that..


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                  It’s a shame that this album doesn’t seem to be as popular among fans as “Wanderlust”. Even though I prefer “Wanderlust” to this album too, I think that “Familia” is a great record with many gems as well. I also love how cohesive it is - all the songs blend so well into each other.

                  I can understand that some people hoped for a more uplifting album again after “Wanderlust” though. I don’t really mind if her next album is another dance pop album, but I wouldn’t have anything against another “Wanderlust”/“Familia” either tbh.


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                    I enjoyed Wanderlust and this just seemed like a weaker, washed-down version of it. And the amazing lead single set the bar high and overshadowed the rest

                    Crystallize is nice


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                      I gave it very little attention after the first spin. I revisited it earlier and there's nothing strong enough to tie to whole thing together, musically or conceptually. All her previous albums were very exciting because they felt like a progression for Sophie. Familia sounds complacent.

                      I'd score her albums like this:

                      8.3 Shoot From The Hip
                      8.2 Trip The Light Fantastic
                      8.2 Make A Scene
                      7.8 Read My Lips
                      7.3 Wanderlust
                      5.8 Familia
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                        ^ “Shoot from the Hip” is actually my least favourite album from her (it does have great moments though, e.g. “Mixed Up World”, “I Won’t Change You” or “The Walls Keep Saying Your Name”).

                        I’d rank her albums like this:
                        1. Trip the Light Fantastic
                        2. Wanderlust
                        3. Make a Scene
                        4. Familia
                        5. Read My Lips
                        6. Shoot from the Hip


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                          Massive bump, but I was just revisiting this album and think it's such a shame it only did 2 weeks in the chart and passed by so quickly following Wanderlust.

                          I got to meet Sophie during release week. She was wonderful and blew us all away as a live act. Disco queen doesn't cut it, this woman can seriously entertain across many genres (and gives the audience a good laugh between songs, really engaging).

                          I suppose the saving graces are that she has a guaranteed audience that still lands her top 20 debuts despite being independent and is receiving critical acclaim for her work. Looking forward to what comes next. In the meantime, this was just lovely...