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  • Chance the Rapper - Coloring Book

    01 All We Got (feat. Kanye West & Chicago Children’s Choir)
    02 No Problem (feat. Lil Wayne & 2 Chainz)
    03 Summer Friends (feat. Jeremih & Francis & The Lights)
    04 D.R.A.M. Sings Special
    05 Blessings
    06 Same Drugs
    07 Mixtape (feat. Young Thug & Lil Yachty)
    08 Angels (feat. Saba)
    09 Juke Jam (feat. Justin Bieber & Towkio)
    10 All Night (feat. Knox Fortune)
    11 How Great (feat. Jay Electronica & My cousin Nicole)
    12 Smoke Break (feat. Future)
    13 Finish Line / Drown (feat. T-Pain, Kirk Franklin, Eryn Allen Kane & Noname)
    14 Blessings

    It's been three years (I doesn't feel that long) since Chance dropped the amazing Acid Rap and now we've finally his third mixtape, Coloring Book (sic it's American).

    The mixtape is exclusive to Apple Music, though datpiff have posted it, but I won't link in case it's not legal.


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    ^Yeah datpiff took it down.

    But I love it. I love his bars and the production and gospel elements are amazing. .
    Originally posted by snoh aalegra

    - Ugh, those feels again


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      Same Drugs


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        He did a Reddit Q&A last night and he said it'll come to the other streaming sites in less than two weeks.

        Also, I'm loving this album. It was well worth the wait! I'm honestly surprised he doesn't sell it on iTunes. I would gladly pay for it, full price.

        Favorite songs(changes daily): "No Problem," "Summer Friends," "Blessings," "Same Drugs," "Angels" and "How Great."


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          Love this!

          All We Got, All Night and Finish Line/Drown are my current favorites.

          Pleasantly surprised by this, as I never payed much attention to him.
          Rest In Peace Lilly!


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            This album is probably the best hip hop album so far for me this year. Drake who?

            You literally can feel Chance's personality here. His believes but also his personal input. So many feelings here... I'm not a fan of the whole gospel sound, but he executed it amazingly well. Even an atheist might get his feelings here. Kanye who (Hah Chance even stole the show on his own track)?

            The lush and chill production on some songs though... I LIVE.

            If you aren't a huge fan of the whole gospel sound ->

            The tracks I kept:

            Summer Friends (Chill!!!)
            Blessings (First version)
            Juke Jam (CHILLLer part 2) Justin is a pleasant surprise here. He sounds actually really good.
            All Night, YEES. Groovin' right now. Definitely a standout on an already amazing album.
            Smoke Break, what a lush and amazing production. Future sounds also really fine (for once).
            Finish Line (feel good song...)

            The last Blessings song sounds also really good.

            Everything else is way too gospel'ish for my taste. But I guess thats a taste thing. Chance definitely dropped a huge thing and it's just a f*cking mixtape lol. It also is celebrated as a standout hip hop record of 2016 and from the last years by critics.

            And this album to be liked by me so much, although I'm not even in the slightest a fan of gospel music.


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              I wanna play it.
              Chance is so good
              I am the maniac, I am the ghoul
              I'm in the shadows in the corners of my room


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                I love the religious aspect to it. I'm not the biggest into religion, but I appreciate that his love for gospel comes out in it. IT makes him different.

                How Great takes me to the holy grounds each time this plays.

                This and TLOP are my favorite albums this years. Gonna use VIEWS as a drink holder.
                Originally posted by snoh aalegra

                - Ugh, those feels again


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                  Looks like this will be a big contender at the Grammys, what adds to the appeal is that Chance the Rapper comes across as very articulate as well.


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                    Rightfully So!
                    Forever Young


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                      when is his on Spotify? don't know about this guy but I'm always on the lookout for good urban music . Frank bkew me away can't wait to hear this next.
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                        One of my favourite albums this year he is super talented.


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                          Been hearing about him a lot lately, time to give this a listen.


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                            Originally posted by Loki0012
                            when is his on Spotify? don't know about this guy but I'm always on the lookout for good urban music . Frank bkew me away can't wait to hear this next.
                            It's been on Spotify for a couple months now.


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                              I just found out the album is only available on streaming services.
                              Damn, I wanted to buy it as a present for someone.


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                                Rolling Stone: 50 Best Albums of 2016

                                3. Chance the Rapper, 'Coloring Book'

                                The year's finest hip-hop album had a vision as radiant as its pink-sky cover art. Chance the Rapper's third mixtape combines radical politics and heavenly uplift to create life-affirming music that refuses to shy away from harsh realities. He uses the optimistic, joyful sounds of gospel choirs to soundtrack his hopes, fears and blessings, giving practically everything a spiritual hue: "I don't make songs for free, I make 'em for freedom," he raps on "Blessings." The album explodes with enthusiasm, as Chance embraces both the convoluted microphone mathematics of the old-school and the unpredictable melodic twists of the new. An electric dispatch from Chicago, Chance's infectious sing-song weaves together his faith, a city in crisis, his new daughter and the unique struggle of being the world's most famous unsigned musician: "If one more label try to stop me, it's gon' be some dreadhead niggas in your lobby," he raps with the giddiness of someone who's already the victor. C.W.
                                Complex: The 50 Best Albums of 2016

                                2. Chance the Rapper, 'Coloring Book'

                                Label: N/A
                                Released: May 12

                                The way 2016 went, we needed some of the good word. We needed an infusion of gospel in our hip-hop. Kanye West did it with the opening track of The Life of Pablo, “Ultralight Beam.” Fellow Chicago native Chance the Rapper gave the world spirit with his guest verse on the song, and so it made sense when his third project, Coloring Book expanded on his testifying. The album has a vibe that otherwise you only get at the peak of church service (just check the vocals that weave in and out of the Lil Wayne and 2 Chainz-assisted “No Problem”). Even when tracks like “Blessings” explicitly espouse the virtues of belief in a higher power, the album is never overly preachy. For many artists, the battle between the sacred and the secular can create some of their best music (see most of Marvin Gaye’s finest work); Chance the Rapper walks that path, and he walks it well. Coloring Book colors outside the lines, painting Chance into a beautiful space as an artist and a man. —khal

                                COS: Top 50 Albums of 2016

                                02. Chance the Rapper – Coloring Book

                                There have been plenty of theories discussing Chance the Rapper’s album covers — from 10 Day to Acid Rap to Coloring Book, telling a story from his skyward intentions, his head-on assessment of the world, and his look back at the ground now that he’s risen to the stars. More to the point, in an interview with The Fader, artist Brandon Breaux revealed that he captured that loving look on Chance’s face by having him hold his baby daughter.

                                Coloring Book beams with pride, love, joy, passion. As much gospel as rap, the mixtape rightfully spawned a Magnificent Coloring World Tour, a Magnificent Coloring Day festival, and the immersive Magnificent Coloring World event. The latter was a listening party experience in which Chance invited listeners into a magical listening party full of candy, coloring, dancing, carnival games — and, more importantly, the power and beauty of African-American culture even in the face of a dark environment like Chance’s violence-riddled Chicago, or, hell, the oppressive, racist state of the country today. Even in the face of all this darkness, Chance finds salvation in love, in God, in music, in friends, in family. And it’s infectious: He’s the kind of guy that can threaten to give Satan a swirlie in a rap track and call for smiles rather than eye-rolls.

                                From the gleefully independent “No Problems” to the Chicago-tastic “Angels” to the spiritual “Blessings”, from twisty wordplay to pure musical elation, Coloring Book feels like having Chance’s beneficial smile beam right into your heart. As the many tragedies, pains, deaths, frustrations, atrocities, and insanities of 2016 have unfolded, nothing has been as comforting, inspiring, and life-affirming as Coloring Book. Happily, Chance the Rapper backs that all up with charitable work, putting good into the world. But if the mixtape stood entirely on its own, it would be a strong enough contribution to the emotional, intellectual, and spiritual well-being of the world to look to Chance for years to come as an inspiration and friend. –Adam Kivel
                                The Guardian:The best albums of 2016

                                Chance the Rapper – Coloring Book

                                Featuring contributions by mainstream icons including Kanye West and Justin Bieber to cult hip-hop heroes new and old (Young Thug, Lil Yachty, Jay Electronica), Coloring Book melds genres to widescreen effect. Jazz melodies and gospel motifs also shine through prominently on songs such as How Great and Blessings.
                                The Independent: Best albums of 2016

                                11. Chance The Rapper, Coloring Book

                                Chance The Rapper changed the game in 2016 by proving that an artist with no record label could release one of the best rap albums of the year.

                                Coloring Book is a euphoric, gospel-fuelled mix that features guest slots from Lil Wayne, 2 Chainz, Kanye West and Young Thug – a soul-soothing work that gives equal weight to fun and spiritualism.

                                Best tracks: No Problem ft Lil Wayne and 2 Chainz, Blessings, Same Drugs, All Night

                                NME’s Albums Of The Year 2016

                                9. Chance The Rapper – Coloring Book

                                Chicago’s Chance The Rapper kicked off the year with an impressive guest spot on Kanye West’s ‘Ultralight Beam’, but he was only getting started. In May he self-released his third mixtape, a soaring gospel inflected hip-hop album that gave spirituality and partying equal credence. If you wanted the former, then the two ‘Blessings’ tracks offered sweet soul salvation, but if it was the latter you were after, then the bouncing ‘All Night’ and Justin Bieber-featuring ‘Juke Jam’ were superlative dancefloor fillers. If you wanted to experience the whole gamut of emotion, then ballads ‘Same Drugs’ and ‘Summer Friends’ were the perfect soundtrack for a bittersweet little cry.
                                Stereogum: The 50 Best Albums Of 2016

                                3 Chance The Rapper – Coloring Book (Self-Released)

                                Chance The Rapper scored his first-ever real radio hit with a song about sending goons to your record-label office, but he’s not fooling anyone. Chance is not a tough guy, and he knows it. And one of the many, many remarkable things about Coloring Book is how explosively, euphorically non-tough it is. Instead, this is music that harnesses joy in many forms — in gooily nostalgic slow-jams, in rippling house bangers, in gospel lamentations, even in smoking a quick bowl with your significant other when you’re too tired to have sex. It’s an album made in the rosy glow of new parenthood, and it’s one that celebrates the virtuosity of both its maker and its guests. And while it acknowledges the tragedies and hardships that a young black man must face in the world, it also celebrates the strength that can come out of those tragedies and hardships — a strength that you could even call toughness. –Tom


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                                  He was incredible at SNL!

                                  Made me fall in love with the album again.
                                  Rest In Peace Lilly!


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                                    Best Rap album of the year without doubt... ahead of Jcole

                                    He can be unlikeable though
                                    Forever Young


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                                      ^Chance can be? He's seems so cool, cute, and goofy.
                                      Originally posted by snoh aalegra

                                      - Ugh, those feels again


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                                        Is he considered unlikable? For me it's the complete opposite. He seems like a genuinely nice guy.
                                        Rest In Peace Lilly!


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                                          His need for grammy and accolade approval makes me cringe.... it was not something person but his grammy campaign was :-?

                                          i like him though hence the use of ' can'
                                          Forever Young


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                                            Originally posted by Loveguru
                                            His need for grammy and accolade approval makes me cringe.... it was not something person but his grammy campaign was :-?

                                            i like him though hence the use of ' can'
                                            I get what you mean. He has been reaching a bit with his Grammy campaign, but I just think that he wants to prove that independent artists can make it. Besides, he's only 23 so he is relatively grounded considering his popularity and critical acclaim.
                                            Rest In Peace Lilly!


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                                              Chance fans,
                                              Don't forget to show Chance & other rappers some love for the UKMIX Urban/R&B Album of the Year 2016!

                                              Click on the link above or below to follow the instructions.


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                                                I've been listening to All Night, funky tune!
                                                THRILLER’S SOUNDS OF THE 90s


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                                                    I love the Same Drugs video.
                                                    Rest In Peace Lilly!


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                                                      I've been addicted to Same Drugs since the video came out. I hope we get the video version at some point.
                                                      Rest In Peace Lilly!


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                                                        Congrats to Coloring Book for winning Best Rap Album at the Grammys!


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                                                          Just listened to this for the first time and this is gooood! Well deserved Grammy


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                                                            All We Got (SBTRKT Remix)

                                                            I like this
                                                            I am the maniac, I am the ghoul
                                                            I'm in the shadows in the corners of my room