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  • Daniel Caesar - NEVER ENOUGH

    The third studio album by Canadian R&B singer/songwritter Daniel Caesar is called NEVER ENOUGH and is set to drop on April 7th via Hollance Inc. and Republic Records.

    Official album announcement:

    Daniel is well known for his singles Get You with Kali Uchis, Best Part with H.E.R. and Peaches with Justin Bieber and Giveon. He also has collaborated with Brandy, Omar Apollo, Mary J. Blige and Kaytranada.

    The album is preceded by two singles, Do You Like Me and Let Me Go.

    Do You Like Me:

    Let Me Go:

    Here's the album tracklist:

    1. Ocho Ríos
    2. Valentina
    3. Toronto 2014
    4. Let Me Go
    5. Do You Like Me
    6. Always
    7. Cool
    8. Disillusioned
    9. Buyer's Remorse
    10. Shot My Baby
    11. Pain is Inevitable
    12. Homiesexual
    13. Vince Van Gogh
    14. Superpowers
    15. Unstoppable

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    I really like the two singles released so far so lookong forward to this.
    Rest In Peace Lilly!


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      Originally posted by Omiros View Post
      I really like the two singles released so far so lookong forward to this.
      Let Me Go is one of my favs 2023 songs so far!!!1


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        His voice is absolutely lovely. This should be good
        She's got a cute little voice but she doesn't really have any fans...none that can fight....


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          I enjoy Do You Like Me.

          I will definitely check out the last album. Refresh myself of his first two projects too.


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              mm, love unstoppable
              what's going on?