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Lindsey Stirling - Warmer In The Winter

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  • Lindsey Stirling - Warmer In The Winter

    First christmas / winter album by the US Violinist, out on the 20th october 2017.

    The physical CD and Vinyl are already available for pre-order on Amazon, no other infos were revealed so far though.

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      Well who knows, maybe there's a Demi feature on this which really has this chorus

      i'd be here for it tbh


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        Hello to my friends across the world. I am excited to officially announce that my Christmas album is finished and being printed as we speak! But I am so happy with how it all came together. Prepare yourself for a potpourri of different styles, sounds from all different sides of Christmas music. All of which is sprinkled with a good dose of lindsey pixie dust. If you don’t dance at least three times while listening to this album then you need to take off your Mr. Grinch panties cus this is dancing material for sure. Jk…. but seriously though. Almost the entire album was recorded with live instrumentation: a full orchestra and big band players. It’s big.

        ??On second note, an album release just doesn’t seem right without being paired with a tour so…. you guessed it, we’ll be doing a full production Christmas tour. We’ll be touring the states November -December. I’ve got most of it planned and I can’t wait for you guys to see the 50 ft Chinese dragon pop out of the stage. Just kidding, there will be no dragons, but Elf’s, fairies, angels and ballerinas you got it. ??I’m beyond excited!!

        See ya soon. -Lindsey
        Another tour, starting 8th november and lasts until 23rd december, only the US though. I'd love to see her on this tour but oh well. She definitely loves to tour though, she just finished her last one a few days ago.

        Anyways, i absolutely LOVE that cover - i'd say it's her best one so far


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            1. "Dance of the Sugar Plum Fairy"
            2. "You’re a Mean One, Mr. Grinch" (featuring Sabrina Carpenter)
            3. "Christmas C’mon" (featuring Becky G)
            4. "Carol of the Bells"
            5. "Angels We Have Heard on High"
            6. "I Saw Three Ships"
            7. "Let It Snow"
            8. "Warmer in the Winter" (featuring Trombone Shorty)
            9. "What Child Is This"
            10. "All I Want for Christmas"
            11. "Time to Fall in Love" (featuring Alex Gaskarth)
            12. "Jingle Bell Rock"
            13. "Silent Night"
            Really excited for the collaborations with Sabrina Carpenter, Becky G (how unexpected!) and All Time Low frontman Alex Gaskarth. Overall i'm happy there are much less featurings than on her latest studio album though. I obviously hope this has the chance to be this years Christmas seller, but knowing my luck with most of my faves i think she won't do THAT well. Probably also depends on her promo slots. She's on 'Dancing With The Stars', starting today, so who knows, maybe it'll help

            and then i'm wondering why i'm posting this here as i'm probably just talking to myself


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              I do love her and for sure will check this out
              Meaning of Grammy - album of the decade!!!


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                I'm not that much of a fan of that song. Everything doesn't fit that much together somehow :(


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                  It's OUT NOW and i really like it!

                  She's singing the title track completely on herself, first time ever she's doing this on one of her albums


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                    The first official music video for this project.

                    Really liking it, simple but beautiful.

                    Though i was hoping to get one for the title track at first.


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                        Re: Lindsey Stirling - Warmer In The Winter

                        that Becky G collab is a miss for me
                        Waffles are checked cookies


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                          ^ for me too, at first, but the video made me liking the song...

                          Anyways, she already released the third video for this project. This time for "Carol Of The Bells":



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                            Lindseystomp Music / Concord RecordsChart-topping violinist Lindsey Stirling has announced a re-release of her 2017 holiday album.

                            Warmer In the Winter: Deluxe Edition arrives October 19 with five additional songs: “Santa Baby,” “I Wonder as I Wander,” “Hallelujah,” “Main Title from Home Alone (Somewhere In My Memory)” and “We Three Gentleman,” which is a medley of “We Three Kings,” “God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen” and “Carol of the Bells.”

                            If you buy the album from Target, you’ll get two additional new tracks: “Mary Did You Know” and “Home for the Holidays.” If you pre-order the album beginning on Thursday, you’ll get one of the new recordings on the album, as well as two previously released songs: “Carol of the Bells” and “You’re a Mean One, Mr. Grinch,” featuring Sabrina Carpenter.

                            Lindsey will support the album with The Wanderland Tour, kicking off in Reno, NV on November 23. Tickets go on sale to the general public on Friday, September 14. Visit for a full list of dates and on-sale information. You can also get tickets for a Christmas-themed pre-show experience, including a visit to Lindsey’s Christmas Workshop.

                            Here’s the track listing for the album:

                            “Dance of the Sugar Plum Fairy”
                            “You’re a Mean One, Mr. Grinch” featuring Sabrina Carpenter
                            “Christmas C’mon” featuring Becky G (original)
                            “Carol of the Bells”
                            “Angels We Have Heard On High”
                            “I Saw Three Ships”
                            “Let it Snow”
                            “Warmer In The Winter” featuring Trombone Shorty (original)
                            “What Child Is This”
                            “All I Want for Christmas”
                            “Time to Fall in Love” featuring Alex Gaskarth of All Time Low (original)
                            “Jingle Bell Rock”
                            “Silent Night”

                            Bonus Tracks:
                            “I Wonder As I Wander”
                            “We Three Gentlemen” (Medley of “We Three Kings”, “God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen” and “Carol Of The Bells”)
                            “Santa Baby”
                            Main Title from Home Alone (“Somewhere in My Memory”)

                            2018 Target Super Deluxe Edition Bonus Tracks Include:
                            “Mary Did You Know”
                            “Home For the Holidays”
                            Somehow i knew she would push this for a second year. A wise choice IMO, but i secretly hoped for a whole new album in 2018, as that way 2018 will be the first year since her breakthrough with no new release in Europe (her debut came out in 2013 here).

                            Also, she's crazy for touring again. A shame it's just the US, wished she'd come to Europe. But i guess 2019 will be the year for Europe then.


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                              A masterpiece


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                                  Another video!

                                  Don't like the concept of the video, the song is still gorgeous though. I love how it sounds like something Owl City would have done years ago.
                                  Also, it's quite funny how she played the violin in parts with lyrics that had a more sexual / double meaning behind them


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                                    Another week, another video


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                                      A new video for "We Three Gentlemen (Medley)" got released yesterday. It's the first Christmas video this year and already tenth video in total for her "Warmer In The Winter" album (with "Hallelujah" included).