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Boyzone - Thank You And Goodnight

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  • Boyzone - Thank You And Goodnight


    Ahead of their 2019 farewell tour, they've released their final studio album this week. I'm mainly posting this because they've totally ripped off Zedd with this new single - never thought I'd hear the day that a Boyzone song contained a "drop"

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    I've so far heard the Take That cover that sounds very good as a whole, i particularly loved the lyrics of that track; nevertheless the other absolute unexpected highlight that made me to cry a tear was upon hearing their stephen gately duet! Good heavens i got goosebumps hearing the silky vocals of stephen! What a joyous track it has turned out to be
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      Re: Boyzone - Thank You And Goodnight

      love the first single what a bop


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          Please check my cover of Ronan Keating's "When you say nothing at all on my Facebook and press Like
          Sounds good mate.
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