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  • Lindsey Stirling - Artemis

    "Artemis" is the upcoming fifth studio album by US violinist and YouTube sensation Lindsey Stirling, to be released on the 6th September 2019. It's the follow-up to her Christmas album "Warmer In The Winter" (2017) and her first proper studio album since "Brave Enough" (2016), which peaked at #5 on the Billboard Top200. Her first two albums "Lindsey Stirling" and "Shatter Me" got certified with Gold in the US and gathered several certifications in Europe.

    "Underground" was released as the first single yesterday, here's the topic in the Songs section.

    Lindsey is also embarking a world tour later this year, here's the topic in the Tours section.

    Also, if you're interested in chart stats, here's Lindsey's Charts Analysis topic.

    Video for the lead single "Underground":

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    The second single of Lindsey's upcoming fifth studio album "Artemis" is already coming this Friday!


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      Album cover!

      Loving the anime style she's going for with this era!


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        There will be only two featured artists on the album, and one of them is Amy Lee

        She seems to go back to her roots...


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          I am so ready for the Amy Lee collab


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            ^ Me too! Already loved their collaboration on "Hi-Lo" and fans were asking for an Amy Lee collaboration since Lindsey's "Shatter Me" came out in 2014.

            This is shaping up to be a great era for her! The artworks were amazing, the "Underground" video was strong, only two vocalists on the album (probably a negative thing for most, but a positive one if done right for many fans including me), an Amy Lee collaboration and the first two singles are super strong Can't wait for more!


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              It‘s been a month since the announcement and I‘m still so obsessed with the two singles. I haven‘t been that excited for a new album in a while, so I hope the next six weeks will go by rather fast and hopefully we will get a third taste prior the album release


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                Apparently, this is the tracklist for "Artemis":

                1. Underground
                2. Artemis
                3. Til the Light Goes Out
                4. Between Twilight
                5. Foreverglow
                6. Love Goes On and On (feat. Amy Lee)
                7. Masquerade
                8. Sleepwalking
                9. Darkside
                10. The Upside
                11. Guardian
                12. Aurora
                13. The Upside (Ft. Elle King)

                Bonus Tracks (Target Edition):
                14. Torch
                15. Embers

                I low-key dislike how there are always some Target Bonus tracks. I hope they also make the international deluxe edition. Elle King being the only other featured artist is ok, it's interesting that she seems to be featured on a second version of "The Upside". That's probably the reason why there's no video for the released solo version so far.


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                  New version of "The Upside" featuring Elle King is out now!

                  Meanwhile, the album pre-orders are finally available on iTunes / Apple Music as well.


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                    Two weeks and two days until this finally gets released!

                    I'm a bit surprised we only got one video so far. She's usually known for releasing many videos. I hope there's something in the works...


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                      Looking forward to this release!
                      Akini's Top 100 Albums of the Decade: [2-1!]


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                        The title track will serve as the third single and comes out tomorrow alongside its music video!

                        Excited for that one - even though I was hoping for the Amy Lee collaboration to get next.

                        She also did a virtual concert earlier this week, they put in up on YouTube:

                        She played two new songs with "Artemis" and "Guardian" and the title track sounds AMAZING so I can't wait until tomorrow


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                          It's amazing Really excited to see the official video later today!


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                            Fantastic video for the title track!


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                              This is already my 9th most played album of the year, even though only four songs are available so far


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                                Finally started to spin this... first two tracks were singles ("Underground" and "Artemis") and I've just arrived at the first song I didn't know ("Til The Light Goes Out") and I already got goosebumps by its intro

                                This is going to be such an experience for me...


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                                  The song with Amy is too beautiful, I need a visual for it


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                                    Originally posted by IVyoncé View Post
                                    The song with Amy is too beautiful, I need a visual for it
                                    I'm surprised it wasn't a single prior the album release. I mean, why choosing the Elle King collaboration over an Amy Lee collaboration?

                                    Anyways, I'm going track by track, so I haven't heard it yet but in a few minutes... so, so excited!


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                                      "Between Twilight" is so beautiful, and she sings on "Foreverglow". I got tears in my eyes by the latter, especially during its intro.

                                      I'm only on track 5 and I can already say this could be the best album of the year and probably her best album to date.


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                                        I'm done with my first spin and I absolutely love this album!

                                        It starts so strong, but it's getting a little bit weaker towards the end. The Amy Lee collaboration is beautiful, though it isn't one of my instant faves and I feel like there was even more potential.


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                                          Music Video for "The Upside".

                                          She's doing some really cool videos this time. Interesting storyline and Elle looks great in her shots.
                                          Though I think something got wrong with the time this got posted; I mean the song itself came out as the 2nd single yet the 3rd single got its video first. All three videos would make sense if they would have come out in the right order (Underground -> The Upside -> Artemis).


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                                            Ok, this album hit me hard. Way harder than I expected, and I'm so glad for that!

                                            It already crossed 2,000 scrobbles according to my LastFM, being the first album doing so in a calendar year since 2015 - and she did it within a few weeks!

                                            A shame it's by far her least successful album to date. I hope she can get back on track with her music soon, she deserves more success (again).

                                            Tomorrow is her concert in Switzerland. I'm super excited to see her for a third time!


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                                              Fantastic review from AllMusic:

                                              Wielding her violin like a huntress' bow, Lindsey Stirling focuses her classical crossover vision with a deeply imaginative concept for her fifth album, Artemis. Named after the Greek goddess of the hunt and the moon, the effort finds Stirling hitting her artistic stride with a grand soundtrack to a movie that doesn't yet exist, like a neon cyberpunk take on Howard Shore's Lord of the Rings score. Making her early work feel small-scale by comparison -- early-2010s tracks like "Song of the Caged Bird," "Beyond the Veil," and "Heist" come closest to what she's offering here -- Artemis also benefits from fewer special guests, which was a distraction on her previous full-length, Brave Enough. Here, Stirling's animated string wizardry shines and her ethereal vocals do a fine job without too much outside involvement. Not to say special guests Amy Lee ("Love Goes On and On") and Elle King ("The Upside" reprise) aren't welcome here; their contributions are just strategic buffers on an album full of highlights, standout cameos in this world Stirling completely owns. Summoning the mystical spirits of old while channeling future dystopian concepts in a heady narrative centered on persevering through the darkness to reclaim our inner spark, Artemis relies on the tension between light and dark, upsides and downsides, and the past and future to tell a heroic story with full cinematic scope. The grand opening of "Underground," which sounds like Stirling's take on an early-2000s J-pop song, is immediately followed by the sweeping title track, a dramatic swell of shiver-inducing energy that is lifted to the heavens upon her vocals. The rest of Artemis proceeds in a similar fashion, from the rousing "Til the Light Goes Out" and propulsive "Darkside" to the magical "Between Twilight" and angelic "Foreverglow." By the time the fictional credits roll with King's uplifting take on "The Upside," listeners might be begging for a fully realized visual accompaniment to this evocative wonder. With less folksy fiddling or outdated EDM to bog it down, Artemis signals an evolution for the artist, revealing itself to be Stirling's strongest work to date and a pure thrill for fans of her particular hybrid style.
                                              I actually agree and would say this really is her strongest album to date.


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                                                Weird how she hasn't released another official video for this project in months. That's so untypical Lindsey and I really hope there's more to come - this album still goes hard.

                                                With that said, she actually collaborated with NASA for a performance video of the title track "Artemis":


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                                                  Finally! Another video for this album. It's been ages. Kinda sad how she barely releases videos for this album compared to her previous albums, especially because "Artemis" has become my favorite album from her.

                                                  Anyways, I enjoy the "Sleepwalking" video. Not her best, but good. Also love the song choice, as "Sleepwalking" is one of my faves on the album alongside "Love Goes On And On", "Foreverglow" and the title track.