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  • Robbie Williams - The Christmas Present

    Robbie Williams to release his first Christmas album later in 2019
    The chart megastar is getting in the festive spirit.

    Robbie Williams is to release his first Christmas album this year. The British singer will release a double album of festive covers and original songs this Christmas, that's according to Music Week.

    It's also reported that Robbie's 13th studio album, via Columbia Records, will feature "special guest appearances".

    The announcement arrives after news that Robbie will sing the theme song for Channel 4's Christmas TV adaptation of classic children's book The Tiger Came To Tea. The track Robbie will sing for the half-hour film is called Hey Tiger!.

    While Robbie has not released any yuletide material in the past, he's no stranger to the Christmas Number 1. In 2001, he and Australian actress Nicole Kidman shot to the top spot with their cover of Somethin' Stupid.

    Robbie Williams has scored 12 UK Number 1s on the Official Albums Chart, making him the most successful British solo act in Official Chart history. His last studio album The Heavy Entertainment Show debuted at Number 1 back in November 2016, and all but one of Robbie's solo studio albums have reached the top spot.

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    Someone wants a slice of Bubles yearly income, tbh this is the best shot Robbie has of a big selling album these days. I think it’ll be good though.
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      My body is ready for anything by robbie..
      I know how I feel when I'm around you, I don't know


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        I think he will do well! Can't wait for this!


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          Oh, this is actually a good idea for him. I also think this will do very well especially in the German speaking countries and the UK!


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            Sadly it was so clear this would come. I will skip this, I wait for a normal studio album.
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              Yeah!!!!!!!!!!! Bring it on, Robbie!
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                amazing. He is the only artist who's never flopped with a studio... in his entire 22 year old solo career.

                His last 2m selling album in Europe was 2009s Reality Killed... now, with this one I hope he can get another 2m album in Europe. (Bringng is total to 60 million worldwide).
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                  ^He most definitely had 'flops'. It's all relative, but he's been flopping for a long time, compared to what he used to be.
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                    Originally posted by Erotica View Post
                    Sadly it was so clear this would come. I will skip this, I wait for a normal studio album.
                    Let's see.
                    As I know Robbie has recorded about 20 original Xmas songs, not covers. So it could be a normal studio album with a festive mood. Also Rob promised everything but not buble gum tracks here
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                      Originally posted by Hejira View Post
                      ^He most definitely had 'flops'. It's all relative, but he's been flopping for a long time, compared to what he used to be.
                      + Rudebox was a flop.
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                        I think this could be good actually.
                        thank u, next


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                          This Monday Robbie performed his new Xmas song on his special one-off concert for fans (Under The Radar Live).
                          It's called California Christmas...and it will not be at Xmas album =)) He decided to remove it from the final tracklist.

                          But it's a teaser of the songs which will be at the album and it sounds similar to U2 (Stuck in a Moment...).

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                            The 28-track double album is Williams’ 13th, and was penned in London, Los Angeles and Stoke-on-Trent.

                            Williams said: “I’m beyond excited to announce my first ever Christmas album.
                            “I’ve done a lot in my career and releasing this record is another dream come true.
                            “Making this album has been so much fun and I can’t wait for you all to hear it.”
                            ROBBIE WILLIAMS is set to prove he is a real stocking filler by dropping his first-ever Christmas album.

                            Following in the steps of Mariah Carey and Kylie Minogue, the Angels singer, 45, announced his festive gift last night. But it comes with a twist. He duets with boxer Tyson Fury and has also roped in pals Rod Stewart, Bryan Adams, Helene Fischer and Jamie Cullum for some seasonal ditties.
                            Prizefighter Fury features on a track called Bad Sharon.

                            Robbie says the record, out on November 22, is his ‘dream come true’. He’ll play The Robbie Williams Christmas Party at The SSE Arena, Wembley, on December 16.


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                              Helene Fischer goes for her first international release!!!!
                              Will be very interesting to hear Robbie and The GermanQueen on one track!

                              For sure Robbie will be in the Helene Christmas TV Show.
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                                DISC 1: Christmas Past

                                1. Winter Wonderland
                                2. Merry Xmas Everybody (feat. Jamie Cullum)
                                3. Let It Snow! Let It Snow! Let It Snow!
                                4. The Christmas Song (Chestnuts roasting on an open fire)
                                5. Christmas Lullaby
                                6. Rudolph
                                7. Yeah! It’s Christmas
                                8. It’s A Wonderful Life (feat. Poppa Pete)
                                9. Let’s Not Go Shopping
                                10. Santa Baby(feat. Helene Fischer)
                                11. Best Christmas Ever
                                12. One Last Christmas
                                13. Coco’s Christmas Lullaby

                                DISC 2: Christmas Future
                                14. Time For Change
                                15. Idlewild
                                16. Darkest Night
                                17. Fairytales (feat. Rod Stewart)
                                18. Christmas (Baby Please Come Home) (feat. Bryan Adams)
                                19. Bad Sharon (feat. Tyson Fury)
                                20. Happy Birthday Jesus Christ
                                21. New Year’s Day
                                22. Snowflakes
                                23. Home
                                24. Soul Transmission
                                25. I Believe in Father Christmas *
                                26. Not Christmas *
                                27. Merry Kissmas *
                                28. It Takes Two (feat. Rod Stewart)*
                                The first single is Time For Change.

                                “You’re always looking for a reason to go into the studio,” he told interviewer Scott Mills during a short Q&A. “And I thought: ‘Why don’t I own birthdays like Paul McCartney and Stevie Wonder? Or New Year’s Day like… U2?” He then thought twice about Bono’s ode to Polish trade union battles in the 1980s. “Well, it’s a bit depressing, that one, isn’t it? You wouldn’t put that one on for a shindig.”

                                Mills countered that festive crooner Michael Bublé, who seems to have had the monopoly on Christmas since Santa was just a lad, shouldn’t get all the work. “This album was gonna be called ‘Achtung Buble’, Robbie replied. I ******* love Michael, But it must stop. It must end now.”

                                Imagine: 28 tracks of pure festive Robbie. I don’t wanna rock, DJ, but you’re making me feel so Christmas spice. Some are covers of festival favourites, others are brand new compositions. There’s one called ‘Snowflakes’, a newbie on which Robbie winks, “We’re all just liberal snowflakes”. He also ropes in Jamie Cullum to have a go on Slade’s ‘Merry Xmas’, and it’s not even a lump of coal.

                                Rod Stewart’s on the album. So’s Bryan Adams. The boozy knees-up ‘Bad Sharon’, another new one , features guest vocals from boxer Tyson Fury.

                                Wait –* what?

                                “That makes sense in some sort of universe,” Robbie insisted. “I got my residency in Vegas [in 2017 and last year] and while I was out there, I went to his dressing room. Do you call it a dressing room when it’s a fight? Anyway, I was like, ‘Oh, I’ve seen you sing after bouts’. So I asked him and he said yes. The song itself, ‘Bad Sharon’, is a very boozy office party somewhere in the Midlands. To be fair, Tyson smashed it.”

                                It’s amazing that Robbie’s never done a Christmas album before. He’s done enough bloody swing albums – it’s kind of the next logical conclusion. There’s been something of a Robbie renaissance in recent years, from his blockbuster Hyde Park show over the summer – which NME saw a smash-hit try-out for what would surely be a legendary Glastonbury slot – to the fact that ‘Rock DJ’ became an unofficial anthem for the #Cans4Corbyn movement, back when everyone thought Jeremy Corbyn was good.
                                Read more: Listen up, Glastonbury – Robbie Williams’ BST Hyde Park show is the ultimate come and get me plea
                                So it’s brilliant to see him preparing to become a Christmas staple, transition from boyband bad boy to uncle Robbie complete. What an end to the decade.

                                Still, he really should have called the album ‘Achtung Bublé’.

                                ‘The Christmas Present’ is released on November 22. He plays London’s SSE Arenas on December 16

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                                  The moms are shaking as we speak.
                                  "Is Stalin on your shoulder..."
                                  " he was with his composers?"


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                                    I love the whole concept.
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                                      Originally posted by Hejira View Post
                                      The moms are shaking as we speak.
                                      and maybe some papas


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                                        Somehow I feel this will be huge in Europe...


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                                          btw, there are 20 original Xmas songs by Robbie (in pink) & 8 covers!!!

                                          Disc 1: Christmas Past

                                          1. “Winter Wonderland” *
                                          2. "Merry Xmas Everybody" featuring Jamie Cullum *
                                          3. "Let It Snow! Let It Snow! Let It Snow!" *
                                          4. "The Christmas Song (Chestnuts Roasting on an Open Fire)" *
                                          5. "Coco’s Christmas Lullaby"
                                          6. "Rudolph"
                                          7. "Yeah! It’s Christmas"
                                          8. "It’s a Wonderful Life" featuring Poppa Pete
                                          9. "Let’s Not Go Shopping"

                                          10. "Santa Baby" featuring Helene Fischer *
                                          11. "Best Christmas Ever"
                                          12. "One Last Christmas"
                                          13. "Coco’s Christmas Lullaby Reprise"

                                          Disc 2: Christmas Future
                                          14. “Time For Change”
                                          15. "Idlewild"​
                                          16. "Darkest Night"
                                          17. "Fairytales" featuring Rod Stewart

                                          18. "Christmas (Baby Please Come Home)" featuring Bryan Adams *
                                          19. "Bad Sharon" featuring Tyson Fury
                                          20. "Happy Birthday Jesus Christ"
                                          21. "New Year’s Day"
                                          22. "Snowflakes"
                                          23. "Home"
                                          24. "Soul Transmission"

                                          -Bonus tracks
                                          25. “I Believe in Father Christmas” *
                                          26. "Not Christmas"
                                          27. "Merry Kissmas​"

                                          28. "It Takes Two featuring Rod Stewart “*
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                                            When are we changing the title of this topic?
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                                              OK, that storybook album cover is absolute fire!
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                                              Feel your pulse it's groove o'clock
                                              A message to madness
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                                                I'm not a Robbie fan, but that cover is great and I like the fact that most songs are originals...
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                                                  I wonder how they decided which songs fit Christmas "Past" and which one "Future".
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