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  • Poppy - I Disagree

    This went completely unnoticed, but Poppy already revealed the release of her third studio album "I Disagree" some weeks ago with a 10th January 2020 release date and two singles called "Concrete" and "I Disagree" already got released.

    The picture above really seems to be the album but it completely creeps me out, not a good choice for my personal taste but I'm definitely looking forward to this as I've really enjoyed her last album and EP.

    Current single:

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    I stumbled across Concrete on Spotify and itís one of the most interesting songs Iíve heard in ages, one minute thrash metal and the next Avril Lavigne!

    Gonna have to check out some more.


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      These songs are quite interesting. I like it actually.


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        The album is out now and it sounds pretty good, though I enjoyed "Am I A Girl?" a lot more the first time I heard it in 2018. Haven't got a fave yet...

        I Disagree on iTunes
        #3 British Virgin Islands
        #4 New Zealand
        #5 Canada
        #6 United States
        #6 Australia
        #9 Ireland
        #9 Mexico
        #17 United Kingdom
        #17 Russia
        #27 Netherlands
        #54 Italy
        #55 Paraguay
        #72 Bulgaria
        #123 Germany
        #147 France

        Doing really well on iTunes for her standards. It even reached #5 on US iTunes earlier today.


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          So glad she finally distanced herself from that awful Titanic Sinclair.

          The album is ok way too different for me. I really liked Am I a Girl? a lot more.


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            Dear Lord... this is horrible.
            Welcome to the underworld
            Where the love's at first sight
            The kind that we like
            Under, under, under, underworld


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              This is getting more recognition than expected.

              It already has 13 reviews and a score of 70 at Metacritic.

              For comparison, Selena Gomez' "Rare" has one review less despite being released on the same day and being a more popular artist.


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                I have listened to this today for the first time and it is horrible. So noisy... Am I a Girl? was much better


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                  ok Sick of the Sun is great


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                    This is far from horrible. It's her most unique and personal album.
                    Britney - Poppy - Mariah - Lana - Gaga - Bjork


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                      I actually enjoyed "Am I A Girl?" a lot more than this, but yeah, "I Disagree" is far from horrible.