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  • Vanessa Mai - Für immer

    Tracklist (so far)

    1. Venedig (Love Is In The Air)
    2. tba
    3. tba
    4. tba
    5. tba
    6. tba
    7. tba
    8. Ja nein vielleicht (with Stereoact)
    9. tba
    10. tba
    11. Beste Version
    12. tba
    13. tba
    14. tba
    15. tba
    16. tba
    17. tba
    18. tba
    German Schlager-Pop princess Vanessa Mai will release her fourth solo studio album called "Für immer" on the 24th January 2020. It's the follow-up to "Schlager" that came out in mid 2018 and topped the German Album Charts. Its official lead single "Venedig (Love Is In The Air)" came out today alongside album pre-orders on all digital and streaming platforms.

    Really looking forward to this as I absolutely loved her last album. Though I'm not really feeling "Venedig" and I'm still bitter about how fast her last era ended... but I hope they will promote this new work better. 18 tracks is definitely a plus and the cover is ok (though I feel like they will change it towards the album release).

    Official video for the lead single "Venedig (Love Is In The Air)":

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    The new song is not that good, I will keep it on my playlist, though. Maybe it's a grower.

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      Originally posted by luckyONE View Post
      The new song is not that good, I will keep it on my playlist, though. Maybe it's a grower.
      It was a grower for me, so I hope it's the same for you

      She already released the second single today! It's called "Ja nein vielleicht" and is a collaboration with Stereoact. Sounds already much better than "Venedig" after the first spin!


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        ...and the third single already came out today! It's ok but I kinda feel like Vanessa lost her spark for me


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          The album is OUT NOW!

          Just finished my first spin. It's pretty good, though not as amazing as "Schlager" was. Would have loved another release like that, but "Für immer" is more into the Pop direction. It's very Pop actually, but still goes through as Schlager album as well. "Maiserwerk" sounded very good, "Forever" and "Blue" as well.

          As much as I adored "Schlager" it was understandable that it ended up as her least successful album. There also wasn't much going on with that era to be fair, so I hope it gets better again with "Für immer".