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Nightwish - Decades: Live in Buenos Aires

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  • Nightwish - Decades: Live in Buenos Aires


    1. Swanheart

    2. End Of All Hope

    3. Wish I Had An Angel

    4. 10th Man Down
    5. Come Cover Me

    6. Gethsemane

    7. Élan

    8. Sacrament Of Wilderness

    9. Deep Silent Complete

    10. Dead Boy’s Poem
    11. Elvenjig
    12. Elvenpath

    13. I Want My Tears Back

    14. Amaranth
    15. The Carpenter

    16. The Kinslayer

    17. Devil & The Deep Dark Ocean

    18. Nemo

    19. Slaying The Dreamer
    20. The Greatest Show On Earth
    21. Ghost Love Score

    Before going into their first proper new era in five years next year, symphonic metal pioneers Nightwish will release a live album called "Decades: Live in Buenos Aires" on the 6th December 2019. The album was recorded in Buenos Aires on the 30th September 2018 as part of their 'Decades: World Tour'.

    While I'm definitely getting this and it's a nice Christmas gift for Nightwish fans overall, it's also weird how this is already the third live release with Floor as their singer while they only released one studio album with her so far. But to be fair, they were always known for their random best of / live releases.

    "Devil & The Deep Dark Ocean
" got released as the first single today and it's a fantastic symphonic metal rollercoaster ride! Here's the official live video:

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    So this came out yesterday and to be honest, I'm a bit disappointed. The quality isn't the best and some songs fall flat, especially compared to the live release "Showtime, Storytime" they already did back in 2013. "Ghost Love Score" has became some kind of a signature hit for them (huge response on YouTube this year!) so I was the most excited for that one but it ended up as my least favorite song on this record. The middle part from "Dead Boy’s Poem" to "Amaranth" is strong though.