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  • Hatari - Neyslutrans

    Icelandic band Hatari just released their debut studio album called "Neyslutrans" today (17th January). Hatari is probably most popular for representing Iceland at the Eurovision Song Contest 2019 with "Hatriđ mun sigra" which is also included on the album, alongside fellow singles "Spillingardans", "Klefi / صامد" and "Klámstrákur".

    1. Engin Miskunn
    2. Spillingardans
    3. Klámstrákur
    4. Klefi / صامد (feat. Bashar Murad)
    5. Ţrćll
    6. Hlauptu (feat. CYBER)
    7. Hatriđ Mun Sigra (Xtended)
    8. Spectavisti Me Mori, Op. 8 (feat. Pétur Björnsson)
    9. 14 Ár
    10. Ógleđi
    11. Helvíti (feat. Svarti Laxness)
    12. Nunquam Iterum, Op. 12 (feat. Friđrik Margrétar)
    13. Niđurlút (feat. GDRN)

    Current single:

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    Just finished my first spin of this and I'm definitely positively surprised. Especially the first half sounds very good, the second half is just solid so far.

    Can't wait to hear [MENTION=23043]heppolo[/MENTION] 's opinion on this


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      Ohhhh, great! Something new to fill out my playlist for a 5 hour bus drive this afternoon!
      I have received many gifts from God,
      but this is the first time I have ever received a gift from a goddess

      Don McLean on Madonna's version of American Pie