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  • Nightwish - Noise

    "Noise" is the upcoming lead single to "Human. :II: Nature.", the upcoming ninth studio album by Finnish/Dutch Symphonic Metal pioneers Nightwish. The song will be released on Friday, 7th February 2020 and is their first new song in nearly five years. A snippet of the official music video was already shared, see above. The video was directed by Stobe Harju, who already directed Nightwish's 'Imaginaerum' movie back in 2012.

    The snippet not only sounds very promising, I also love the video judging by this short clip a lot. So I'm really looking forward for this. Only two more weeks to go. I wish I'd have it now, but that's not too far away anymore considering their last album came out five years ago. There's currently no information about a physical single release, fingers crossed they'll do that as they always benefit a lot (= bigger chance to get a chart entry).

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    Can't believe we're getting new Nightwish music in less than three days - I'm so freaking excited for this!

    Still no word about a physical single release though, so I guess it won't happen. A shame, as I would have loved to get it plus they would have benefit a lot from it. I'm sure they would have made the German Charts with a physical release but won't make it without it.


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      Just saw this. A-M-A-Z-I-N-G !!!


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        Are there no Nightwish fans on here anymore?

        Less than 24 hours until this gets released. I haven't been this excited about a new song in quite a while!


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          It's out!

          ...and I immediately love it! The first half with verses / chorus wasn't as outstanding as I was hoping for on first spin, but I'm already digging it on the second spin. I love the tempo. The second half with the bridge and final chorus is just breathtaking though. It's 100% typical Nightwish, so nothing new in their discography, but that's not a bad thing for them.


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            pretty great song


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              it's strong, the start was a bit slow, but then it picked up steam for me.
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                Official video.

                Didn't fully get it at first, but enjoyed it on the second time. Some shots are amazing.


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                  I also had to watch the video several times to understand it. It’s really interesting and thought-provoking. I’m surprised they haven’t had a lot of shit from WT fans though. It’s very Resist, no?

                  As for the song, I do really like it. The NOOOOIIIIISE bit is so addictive. However, I dunno if I’d say it’s single material? It’s quite choppy and unstructured compared to the slickly delivered likes of Amaranth, Storytime and Élan. I guess that’s the appeal?

                  I do feel like this album will be much darker than EFMB; similar to how Imaginaerum was more sinister sounding than DPP. I just hope there’s a few catchy hooks in there too.


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                    Yes, "Resist" also came to my mind, but "Noise" is still typical Nightwish musically and as much as I enjoyed "Resist", I think Nightwish is doing a better job with the theme. Also, I only realized now that this is actually the very first time Nightwish is doing something this real. They often have some mystical themes and if it's something real, it's often about nature or the universe in general.

                    They usually go with the most commercial song as the lead single so I'm not sure what this will mean for the whole album - but to me, "Noise" is very single material. It's incredibly catchy. But I get your point - the bridge isn't something they usually put on a single and if they did (like with "Storytime"), there was always a shorter single mix. But to be fair, times have changed and they will never ever score a hit on the charts out there, so it's okay to go with something less structured this time.

                    With that said, "Noise" has been on heavy rotation for me It's way too early to say how this will stick with me and also too early to compare it to other lead singles, but I feel like this is going to be another classic for them. It's cool how they changed so often and while I kept being surprised with their stuff, I never was disappointed.


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                      A world where misleading information is a reality.

                      If you look closely (even if it is incredibly apparent) all you hear and see is Noise. It's almost impossible to ignore it because the influence is enormous.

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