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Lady Gaga - Rain On Me (feat. Ariana Grande)

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  • i like this song,cool and amazing

    meja makan jepara


    • The 31 best music videos of 2020 (so far), ranked

      3. "Rain on Me" by Lady Gaga with Ariana Grande

      "Rain on Me" is everything you'd want from a powerhouse pop duo joining forces — and it's a bonus that Lady Gaga was able to bring Ariana Grande so gracefully into her strange, highly choreographed world.

      Gaga is known for her bizarre and cinematic videos, of course, and "Rain on Me" delivers in the form of elaborate set designs and carefully structured costumes.

      But "Rain on Me" is extra satisfying because it doesn't make Grande seem like an outsider, despite the two artists' super different styles. It's a treat to watch Grande, whose visual brand is so carefully maintained, execute characteristically "Gaga" choreo in chrome butterfly wings and white eyeliner.

      The song celebrates resilience and joy in the face of calamity, so watching Gaga and Grande hold hands and literally dance in the rain — especially given the traumas that both women have endured and publicly worked through — gives "Rain on Me" a sense of depth and kinship that many of us crave.

      It's exactly the kind of defiant, exultant escapism that represents pop music at its best.
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