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  • Tove Lo - sadder badder cooler

    New single from Tove Lo. It's part of the expanded version of Sunshine Kitty. Thoughts?

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    This was underwhelming. Something about the song is just... basic.
    One life with one dream on repeat


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      Yeah, I personally think it's her worst track in ages. Not used to her not reaching expectations since she is CRAZY good.
      The music video it's better than the song to be honest


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        The whole re-release is utterly pointless. Especially because none of the new songs neither elevate the project nor blend into it.
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          Exactly, it feels like a weird EP/mixtape put into an album which was pretty cohesive (not as much as her previous two albums though). No thought to them since they are the first 4 tracks and then you have the opening and intro to the original album, lol. Doesn't make sense. She should have at least spread them out in between the tracklisting.

          They don't add anything, they feel so out of place. Like I thought "Bikini Porn" was the start of the new era to be honest, I don't think that song fits at all here and I love it. I wonder if it was intended for that and she decided to add these 4 new tracks she released this year onto "Sunshine Kitty" to gain a few more streams for it.


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            Is this video her just killing off a bunch of exes?


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              Not her best...
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