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Samantha Jade - Dance Again

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  • [Pop] Samantha Jade - Dance Again

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    I got tired of her. Used to love her when she started back in 2007, she promised so much... then all the label thing happened and when she returned again I supported her so much on X Factor. Then she won the competition and they (and she herself) handled her career so so so badly. She has so much talent yet she keeps releasing generic songs over and over. Since "New Boy" nothing worth listening to, such a shame.

    Now that she is independent she should go and try to search her unique sound or do more mature music and less Disney sounding. But she won't do it, it seems.


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      She is indie now, I see. Is her boyfriend a boss of Sony Australia?
      Anyway the song is nice nothing much.


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        When I see the number of plays of the title on Spotify


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          Is sad to see her being wasted as a ballad/pop artist when she has showcased what she is capable for! Bounce is still a certified bop but her career has no future tbh... I met her on the X-Factor era and I was obsessed with her voice!