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  • I am so damn happy, them reuniting has been a dream of mine for years


    • Welcome back ladies, and thank you for providing me with my daily dose of fizzy pop. xx


      • The video is disappointing. Nothing special about it at all


        • It's a good song and video.
          I am not trying to seduce you... Would you like me to seduce you? Is that what you're trying to tell me?


          • They snapped so hard, Nicole is just pure sex, and other girls looks sexy too. LOve the video. Really hope that this will be at least semi hit
            Last FM <3


            • Um how anyone can think the video is anything but amazing is beyond me.

              It's literally everything I wanted in a comeback
              Love you like a love song!


              • I like this more than anything they released in their original run!
                Ste's Personal Chart 2020


                • WOW. As a huge fan of the PCD since 2005 (I was eleven years old) it's a great moment, I love the girls and YAAAAAS! THEY SLAYED THE VIDEO. The fact that Scherzy is yet the main vocalist, IT'S NOT A PROBLEM. The girls now have the backing vocals more prominent and it's an improvement!!! Already one of the best songs of the year!!! OMG THE VIDEO GAVE ME SERIOUS BUTTONS + WET VIBES!!!! COMETHRU DOLLS!!!!


                  • The video is near-perfect. The only thing I would have wanted is better camera work, more choreography and less threesome scenes (Kim, Ashley and Jess being there and Carmit being excluded was weird).

                    The water drop from the live performance would have been cool too.

                    Other than that they are phenomenal and have so much charisma. I am so happy they are back.
                    Rest In Peace Lilly!


                    • Yeah this is a banger, this would sound great in a club. This is a lot of fun, which hasn't been in a lot of pop music in a while. It's also the sexiest pop video I've seen in years.
                      Come Play: GUESS THE VIDEO!


                      • Nicole Scherzinger dishes on Pussycat Dolls reunion and 'React,' the group's first single in 10 years

                        Don’t cha wish you could hear the Pussycat Dolls’ first song in over a decade? Well, you’re in luck — it’s here!

                        On Friday, the all-dancing, burlesque girl group returned with their sexy new single, “React.” The music video that accompanies their first track since 2009, sees the five ladies — Nicole Scherzinger, Ashley Roberts, Jessica Sutta, Carmit Bachar, and Kimberly Wyatt (former member Melody Thornton chose to sit out on the reunion) — drenched in water, backlit by flames, and performing some truly wild choreography (that upside-down, overhead split!!!). If you can stop yourself from gaping at the impressive and racy dance moves long enough to listen to the lyrics, the song’s focus is a man who refuses to be provoked by his girlfriend’s behavior when all she wants is for him to — you guessed it — react.

                        The group first teased the track during a late-2019 performance on The X Factor UK and have been dropping snippets and pics all week, building up to Friday’s release. With a reunion tour, titled Unfinished Business, making stops around the U.K., Ireland, Australia, and New Zealand (and potentially the U.S.!) in the coming months and an album in the works, EW caught up with Scherzinger to talk new music, teaming up with Meghan Trainor, and, of course, how one recreates the upside-down, overhead split dance move.

                        ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY: Talk us through how the reunion came about and why now felt like the right time to regroup?
                        NICOLE SCHERZINGER: Well, Robin Antin, who originally created The Pussycat Dolls, had been wanting to get all of us back together for quite some time. Then, in the past few years, all of us girls have been talking and really trying to figure out when was a good time in everyone’s lives and it just all worked out that this was the right time individually for us to come together. It’s great because it’s around our 10-year reunion.

                        When you all got back together for The X Factor UK performance, did it feel like no time had passed? Did you remember all the choreography?
                        It was crazy. We’d all gotten together in London for X Factor and several days before the performance and — it’s been over 10 years that we’ve been in a room together — it felt like no time had passed. As soon as somebody started playing “Buttons” wherever we were standing, right then, we immediately all broke out into the dance-break choreography in unison — it was kind of freakish. That’s when we realized, this is why we’re the Pussycat Dolls and there’ll never be any other group like us. We all work so well together.

                        So you didn’t need a refresher on any of the choreography?
                        We had to do some cleaning up and stuff because we wanted to make it as sharp as possible for the performance but we pretty much remembered most of it, yeah. It’s kinda something you can’t watch in the mirror; you’ve got to play the music and just let your body do what it does.

                        Let’s talk about the new single, “React.” What about made it stand out to you when you first heard it?
                        I had been working with a really great producer by the name of Will Sims and I really loved this song. I just thought it was really melodic, fresh, and current and new-sounding. I was excited to jump on it and the girls loved it as well. It’s an unexpected song. Coming back, we wanted to just do something that felt really new and fresh and something we’d never done. It’s got that electro-pop feel and a great dance beat, so it’s something we could dance hard to and do our own thing to, in regard to choreography.

                        Do you guys have input when it comes to choreographing the routines or do you trust a choreographer to come up with it?
                        Yeah, definitely. I take on a very strong part in the creative role. I’ve been extremely involved visually and creatively. The girls are all very experienced professional dancers so they always have their say on choreography as well. Everybody kinda has their own strengths and we really work well collectively as a group. But, yeah, I’m very opinionated and, as the girls know, I come with a lot of ideas and then we all work together to see what’s best for business.

                        I have to ask, that one dance move in the “React” video where you flip over and almost do an upside-down, overhead split…just, how?
                        My friend Robin Thicke calls it the “Human Teepee.” Actually, it’s great because it looks a lot harder than it is. I mean, we definitely got bruised up all on our shoulders when we were learning it. But then after we built up the muscle and built up the bruise, it became a lot easier over time.

                        Is there anything you can tease about the upcoming album?
                        Our music has always been very diverse with songs like, “Don’t Cha,” “Buttons,” to “I Hate This Part” to “Jai Ho” from Slumdog Millionaire, so we’ve just been playing around with a lot of songs that we feel are very strong and anthemic and very dance-driven because we are typically known as a dance group. We’re just kind of taking one thing at a time. We knew that we were excited for the comeback and to get the single together and the video and now we’re focusing on the tour. So with the music, we’re just seeing where that takes us.

                        Speaking of the tour, how’s the prep for that going? Is it grueling? Is there a chance dates in the U.S. will be added?
                        When people came in to see us rehearse for X Factor they were like…I know my boyfriend, the ex-rugby player, he came to see us and said, “Whoa, these girls go harder than rugby.” We forget that we’re very competitive, we’re very driven, and we almost get into a warrior state of mind. So I know that our rehearsals are going to be very intense. We haven’t started; we’ll start in March rehearsing. We just want to make sure that we put on a show that doesn’t disappoint. We’re really inspired, as women, to come back after all these years and to come back even stronger, better than ever with the great growth and perspective on our side now. And, yes, we’ll be coming out with several dates here in the U.S.

                        Picking up on what you said there about coming back with growth and perspective, it’s really cool to see female artists who were famous in their teens and 20s — like Shakira and Jennifer Lopez and now you all — still releasing music today. Do you think that’s reflective of the music industry being a better place these days? Is there less of an expiration date for young artists?
                        Yeah, it’s really beautiful and invigorating and empowering to see. There is no better time in history for women to empower other women and also empower others, just in general. It’s a great time for inclusivity and acceptance and, in an industry that is ageist, we’re a part of that movement and we’re fighting back as well. This is the first time the Dolls are coming back independently. We’re doing this all on our own and on our own terms. It just feels great. Watching Jennifer and Shakira shine, it’s just showing people that their old ways of thinking don’t work. Their close-mindedness and their limited way of thinking doesn’t mean that we’re limited, and it’s a great way to show them. I’m really excited because for all the doubters and the haters out there who are ageist, we are doing it and we’re going to do it even better than we did before. These tours are our proof: We walk the walk, we dance the dance.

                        How’s the fan reaction been since you made the announcement that you’d be reuniting? Is it very different seeing them react (sorry, not sorry) online these days?
                        Just out of this world. We wouldn’t be able to do this without our fans. We’re cuckoo for our fans. They go crazy for us and we go crazy for them. Having their support just confirms to us that this is the right time. We always say everything is timing and this isn’t something that we rushed into. This was a few years in the making and our fans want and need our music and our energy and our spirit and the positive message of love. We’re inspiring our fans who have ever struggled in stepping into their own power. It’s just putting that message out there and there’s no better time for that and our fans are really hungry for it. And it’s just great dance music. It’s crazy because after our X Factor performance, I watched so many things that the fans were doing it. In fact, some of the things they were doing inspired me for the music videos. I do a Shablam Split in the music video and that was because one of our fans did it when he was copying our “React” performance. That just really energizes us and makes us want to work even harder for them and for the tour.

                        You also recently teamed up with Meghan Trainor to feature on her single, “Genetics.” How did that come about?
                        Meghan’s a really dear friend of mine. I love her and I’m a massive fan of her songwriting and music. We both had a show on Fox — I was doing Masked Singer and she was doing The Four and so we’d see each other on set. I know that she was also a Pussycat Doll fan and we were like, “We should collaborate!” Meghan was working on her album and she played me the song and I fell in love with it and we did it as soon as possible. She’s a real girl’s girl and she’s such a Pussycat Doll.

                        What are you most excited about with this reunion?
                        The tour. We’re all natural-born performers. We miss the stage and we miss our fans. This is a new digital age, right? And all this social media, but we’re still in our old-school ways. On that stage, performing live, that’s where we feel like we really shine the best and where we really love what we do the most.
                        Rest In Peace Lilly!


                        • o m g ------ w o w


                          • What’s new, Pussycats? Break‑ups, boys and bravado

                            The Pussycat Dolls talk about their comeback to Ed Potton — who does his best to neutralise the scary death stare of their leader Nicole Scherzinger

                            It’s a bit intimidating, to be honest. In a glitzy penthouse on top of a skyscraper in east London, I’m sitting opposite a giant sofa containing all five Pussycat Dolls in their cackling, alpha-female glory. Ashley Roberts waggles her fishnetted legs in the lap of Kimberly Wyatt, whose British model husband, Max Rogers, is nursing their four-month-old son, Senna, on the other side of the room. Carmit Bachar, with her ruby-red hair, chats intently to the quietest Pussycat, Jessica Sutta. And front and centre once again is Nicole Scherzinger, the imperious leader of the group, clad head to toe in spray-on black.

                            Scherzinger is one of the most focused entertainers I’ve met, with a laser death stare that she will deploy several times today. Her dominance over the rest of the American group — she once said she did 95 per cent of the singing — is rumoured to have hastened the Dolls’ demise in 2010.

                            They went their separate ways — to reality TV (Scherzinger, Roberts and Wyatt), motherhood (Wyatt and Bachar) and slightly underwhelming solo singing careers (Scherzinger, Sutta and Bachar). Yet here they are, seemingly thick as thieves again, with a sleek new electro-pop song, React, and a comeback tour in April.

                            “It felt like unfinished business, so it was just a matter of time,” Scherzinger says. “It was our ten-year anniversary [since splitting].” Who was the instigator? They point across the room at Robin Antin, the woman who founded the group in 1995. Back then they were a burlesque troupe, whose members included the Baywatch star Carmen Electra. Gradually they evolved into a girl band, with a line-up featuring the five women here plus Melody Thornton (who declined to rejoin for this tour).

                            In just five years, from 2005, they sold 15 million albums and 40 million singles, including such unapologetically frisky numbers as Don’t Cha (“Don’t cha wish your girlfriend was hot like me?”) and Buttons (“I’m tellin’ you to loosen up my buttons, babe”). The burlesque spirit never left — Roberts, Wyatt, Bachar and Sutta have a background in dance, and a big part of the Dolls’ appeal were their eye-popping outfits and libidinous routines.

                            “Robin has been wanting us to get back together for ever,” Scherzinger says. “It’s been a couple of years in the planning and then it finally aligned with where we’re at in our lives right now.”

                            That’s a logistical feat as much as anything. Bachar, 45, and Sutta, 37, live in Los Angeles; Scherzinger, 41, zigzags between London and LA; and Wyatt, 38, lives in the UK, as does Roberts, 38, who recently split from Giovanni Pernice, the Italian dancer whom she met on Strictly Come Dancing.

                            Yet, Roberts says, “it feels like no time has passed. Our first rehearsal, we got in the room after ten years, Don’t Cha came on, and all of a sudden our bodies just started wiggling. We’re, like, ‘Oh we know this!’ ”

                            They’ve been paying, Fame-style, in sweat, Scherzinger says. “We do not play. This woman [she points at Wyatt] just had another baby. You know the discipline that took? My boyfriend [the former Scotland rugby player Thom Evans] said to me, ‘I’m a rugby player and I’ve never seen anything like this: the discipline and the work. You guys do not stop, you challenge each other, you push each other to the limit.’ ”

                            Can they all still do the splits?

                            “Yes! We did today in the studio,” Roberts says.

                            “You did!” Wyatt says.

                            “We love each other, but we’re also competitive in a good way,” Scherzinger says. “I went to do the splits and they all looked at each other. And guess what? They all did it right there!”

                            Did anyone take more persuading than the others this time?

                            “Well, I think it depends on what our bodies are feeling,” Scherzinger says.

                            Sorry, I was talking about rejoining the band, not doing the splits. Another chorus of laughter.

                            Scherzinger gives one of her glares.

                            “Obviously there’s the elephant in the room,” she says, referring to Thornton. “There was one person that was different, so she’s not with us, because it didn’t align with what’s going on in her life right now. And we support her and we’re happy for her.”

                            There were rumours that Thornton, seen as the most accomplished vocalist in the band after Scherzinger, wanted to do more singing. In one concert clip from 2006 Scherzinger goes into death-stare mode when Thornton adds some impromptu harmonising.

                            “Yeah, well, I think she’s doing her stuff now where she feels really in her element and is getting to shine,” Scherzinger says. “And this is our truth for us. You know, what’s great is that we get to come together, like superheroes.”

                            If the Pussycat Dolls are pop’s version of the Avengers, then Scherzinger was always their Iron Man, taking most of the decisions and doing most of the talking. “We were told to be quiet,” Roberts said in 2012. “Only Nicole was allowed to talk and we would occasionally pitch in.”

                            Scherzinger still leads the conversation today, but the others seem to be on a longer leash, especially Wyatt. She thinks that those who talk about Scherzinger’s vocal dominance are missing the point. “I’m so sick of people saying, ‘Well, she’s just a dancer.’ There’s nothing ‘just’ about being a dancer. There are serious hours and years of dedication to the craft. It’s important to celebrate the dance world — stop putting that down!”

                            Some have suggested that Scherzinger should say sorry to her bandmates, but she’s not having any of it. “I’m not gonna be made to feel bad for being the leader, the frontman, at least vocally, of this group,” she says.

                            During their first incarnation the Dolls were described as “pop’s most embittered group”, but Scherzinger thinks there’s an element of sexism in the way that their rifts were pored over. “It’s sad that, with whatever people are writing out there, they pit women against each other. They did it with Little Mix. They don’t do that with guy groups. We’re here because we want to be here.”

                            “It was set that way — that Nicole was going to lead us through the situation. And she did. I’ve learnt so much from Nicole,” says Wyatt, sounding a bit like a hostage reading from a script.

                            While the group’s tensions seem to have cooled, they can still shock like they did in the old days. Their pre-watershed appearance on The X Factor in November, for which they wore see-through catsuits and PVC underwear, generated 419 complaints.

                            “Coming from a dance background performance, we bring a different energy, and people might be scared of that,” Wyatt says. It’s a bit racy for teatime on a Saturday. “We are provocative, but at least it [pushed people] to look at themselves and be, like, ‘Why am I so upset about this?’ ”

                            Even so, as Billie Eilish, the 17-year-old star who refuses to reveal her body, sweeps the board at the Grammys, you do wonder if the Dolls’ nothing-to-the-imagination ethos is a bit dated. Their new song, React, isn’t exactly in step with the Me Too era, with lines such as “Why don’t you mess me around like you’re supposed to?”

                            Scherzinger sees no contradiction. “If you have people like Lizzo leading the movement of accepting yourself and they don’t get any criticism, then why are we getting this criticism? When we perform, we perform from a place of passion and power. We’re not floundering out there just trying to be cute. We come like warriors out there and people feel empowered by that.”

                            Having children has changed her outlook a bit, Wyatt says. “That’s why I teach Bring Your Heels dance classes, and I go in and I explain what dance is about: owning your space and wearing heels and throwing down and kind of getting lost in music, connecting to your body. And just allowing a space for kids and adults to be you, be fearless, be authentic.”

                            You get lots of this kind of chat with the Pussycat Dolls. It’s no surprise that most of them have spent time on the therapist’s couch. As Wyatt says: “Somebody said something recently like, ‘Melody said she had to get therapy.’ Honey, we all had to get therapy!” So yes, there’s plenty of “stepping into that power”, “things don’t happen to you, they happen for you” and that old favourite, “everything’s a blessing”.

                            Yet there’s something admirable about the way Bachar talks about being bullied at school for having a cleft palate, and Sutta recalls her recovery from alcoholism, during which her bandmates provided sterling support. “It was just amazing to be honest for once about my life,” she says, clutching Bachar’s arm.

                            The previous time I saw Scherzinger, in 2014, she was preparing to play Grizabella in Cats on the West End stage. She got some great reviews and says that “playing that role was one of the greatest things I’ve ever done in my whole life’’. It was also tough “because of what I was transitioning through in my life at the time: ending a seven-year relationship [with the racing driver Lewis Hamilton] and having to keep that silent”.

                            Has she seen the much-derided Cats movie, in which Grizabella was played by Jennifer Hudson? Scherzinger stiffens slightly. “I have not seen the movie. The critics have beaten it up a bit. I really desired to at least be considered for that one and they refused to see me, so that was hard.”

                            Scherzinger is equally frank about the bulimia that she struggled with for years and which she thinks may have increased her isolation from the rest of the band. “If you’re put under a microscope and you’re already messed up in your mind, and unhealthy about your own self, how you see your self-image — I’m sure it’s gonna heighten that,” she says.

                            Did the others know about her bulimia? “Not fully,” Wyatt says. “I think we were all just involved in the moment, what was going on. We were in like three different countries in one day at a certain point.”

                            That whirlwind is about to return as they gear up for their tour. Any plans beyond that? “We’ve got one thing planned — it’s called greatness,” Scherzinger says. The others dissolve into laughter again, but their leader’s stare is as unwavering as ever.
                            Rest In Peace Lilly!


                            • Liked the song and the video.


                              • Fam, they stuck with the original formulae that made them what they are. Nicole is lead. They were absent for 12 years. Things have changed. The fact that the girls are getting more airtime is good. It’s a start. I am sure they just wanted to launch after all these years with a single that represented the original successful formulae. I anticipate an EP a or full album release with the girls ala DD Special Edition.

                                They’re back and I’m loving it.
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                                • This is fine, bops kinda


                                  • Are the other girls really getting more airtime? It's just the same old formula but there's no doubt that they made sure to bring back the extra fierceness.


                                    • That video is straight up old school PCD.
                                      Love it. Great choreo, lots of skin, water and fire.

                                      The song is growing on me. I've accepted the fact that the girls don't have any solo lines on here.
                                      Background vocals are really complementing this song. It's definitely what the demo was missing.
                                      I'm still not too fond of the gaps, but I don't mind them as much now after listening to the song a lot.
                                      "I see it, I like it, I want it... I GOT IT."


                                      • The song is pretty good and the video is great. I dont see where things are "different" though, its still Nicole and the girls. I only hear her vocals, and we barely see the others throughout the video. Not that I care tbh...


                                        • Will there be a 3rd record anytime soon or is this a standalone project?
                                          DRINK. SMOKE. DANCE. VIBE A LITTLE BIT | My


                                          • I think they're intending to record more music.
                                            But there's no set plan or outline for an album yet I believe.
                                            "I see it, I like it, I want it... I GOT IT."


                                            • Originally posted by Loose View Post
                                              Will there be a 3rd record anytime soon or is this a standalone project?
                                              They are taking it one thing at the time, the focus is the tour currently, but they are working on more stuff


                                              • Originally posted by IVyoncé View Post
                                                They are taking it one thing at the time, the focus is the tour currently, but they are working on more stuff
                                                Did they not mention an EP?
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                                                • They’re performing at G-A-Y on Feb 22.
                                                  5.05.2009 / 6.22.2011 / 4.24.2013 / 4.25.2013 / 3.1.2014 / 9.13.2014 / 7.21.2016 / 7.14.2018 / 7.15.2018


                                                  • I want to go to G-A-Y but I don't want to end up not getting a wristband and flying just to London for that