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London Boys - London Nights

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  • London Boys - London Nights

    #2 in the summer of 1989, this is one of the last examples of pure unadulterated 80s pop.

    Tragically, both members were killed in a car crash in 1996.

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    This was amazing... I do remember it vividly from my very first visits in bars (back when we were at the age when we could only go if we left at a ridiculous early time and if we drunk absolutely nothing lol). I did have the tape at some point too.
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      My Mom used to love them so much, she passed away in 2012 so it's really hard for me to listen to their songs even now
      As a kid in 1989 I remember they were huge with their ultra-catchy Europop songs.
      Here's a videomix I've made about them if anyone's interested in their other releases.

      You Love The 90's Dance Era?