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Joni Mitchell - Blue

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  • Joni Mitchell - Blue

    1. All I Want
    2. My Old Man
    3. Little Green
    4. Carey
    5. Blue
    6. California
    7. This Flight Tonight
    8. River
    9. A Case Of You
    10. The Last Time I Saw Richard

    I have recently bought this classic album, and I have to say it's absolutely flawless. It totally deserves being called one of the best albums of all time. Her songwriting is vivid and imaginative, and the melodies often take unexpected twist and turns. Just fantastic.

    I am curious to hear your thoughts on it!


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    Re: Joni Mitchell - Blue

    The last section, with River, A Case of You and The Last Time I Saw Richard is pure beauty. I don't think I can name songs that convey more emotions than those...


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      Re: Joni Mitchell - Blue

      Love Joni, but Iíve never truly connected with this album as much as everyone else. I can easily find more emotionally moving (for me) songs on her other albums.

      I respect it and am glad that it really opened doors for female songwriters and influenced many. Joni deserves as much respect as Dylan, but rarely gets it.


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        River is one of the best Xmas songs not on a Xmas album and A case of you is one of the best songs ever recorded. Shout out to My Old Man, makes me teary-eyed