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Elvis Presley - Can't Help Falling In Love

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  • Elvis Presley - Can't Help Falling In Love

    It's probably one of the greatest love songs of all-time, and that's man's voice is undeniably one of the most beautiful recording voices of all-time - just makes for the perfect ballad.


    That version of the song has nearly 100 million views on YouTube - speaks volumes to the legacy of the man behind the music that he has a video with that many views and he's been dead for over 40 years.

    On the subject of this song, the queen of vocals Celine once also did a masterclass in singing with this song.

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    Re: Elvis Presley - Can't Help Falling In Love

    The song is so beautiful?
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      I was conditioned to hate Elvis growing up, but I can admit that this was a hella good song.
      Originally posted by SawyerHewitt
      All dem dead musicians rolling over in their graves 'cause they were never able to come up w/smth as epic and timeless as Kween when she crafted this.

      Happy B' day, We beGOAT together <3