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Petula Clark - Downtown

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  • Petula Clark - Downtown


    A classic. Such a pure feel-good song that for some reason feels best during the Xmas period for me

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    Re: Petula Clark - Downtown

    Great song. I saw her perform it a few years back.
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      Re: Petula Clark - Downtown

      Eurgh, how is there no thread already for this incredible song?


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        'Downtown' is one of my 'All Time' Top 10 Singles. Petula's regular song-writer - Tony Hatch
        - went to France, (where she was living), to play her some New Songs. She was not keen on
        any of them. However, he planned to go to the USA, to give 'Downtown' to The Drifters. She
        asked him to play it for her and loved it so much, that she got him to give it to her instead.

        She recorded it in several languages, besides English. In Italy it was called 'Ciao Ciao', ('Bye Bye'),
        and it was also called 'Bye Bye' in Spanish - 'Chao Chao'. it went to No.1 in those 2 Countries, as it
        did in the USA and Canada. It was a UK No.2 Hit. In France - where she was very popular - the French
        Language version was called 'Dans Le Temps' - 'In Time'. It was, surprisingly, not one of her biggest
        Hits there - stalling at No.6. The German Language version was called 'Downtown', and it topped the
        Charts there longer than anywhere else - 8 Weeks.

        The follow-up - 'I Know A Place' - was quite similar to 'Downtown', but it was not as good, which
        is why it was not as big Internationally - No.3 in the USA and only No.17 in the UK. However, it was
        a No.1 Hit in both Canada and South Africa...

        Note -- Google says that 'Dans Le Temps' means 'In Time', in English. However, my, (little),
        understanding of French has me translating it as 'Dance The Time', so I guess I'm wrong...

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          Side note but I always enjoyed the Emma Bunton version of this

          Itís such a happy song, I donít know how anyone could hate it though.

          Side note 2 - Petula is returning to the West End as the bird woman in Mary Poppins.
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