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  • luckyONE
    ^very interesting, I didn't know it was their most succesful album in the UK.

    It's definitely my favorite album by them.

    This song alone >

    I've played the game of love before.Too young to know
    How hard the fall could be;
    I never thought I'd try again.
    Somehow you brought
    The gambler out in me.

    You can deal me in this time around.
    Even though the odds are high,
    We'll play them down.
    You may be a chance I need to take,
    And the hand I'm holdin' says it's no mistake.

    Happy is the way I'm feelin',
    And I know it comes from being with you.
    All at once my life is changin',
    And I know it's 'cause I'm fallin' in love with you.

    If I ever get the chance to marry someone, I'd like this song to be played.

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  • zeus555
    'Horizon' was The Carpenters biggest UK Studio Album. It was No.1 for 5 Weeks, in the
    UK. It did that in 2 'Runs' at No.1 - 2 Weeks & 3 Weeks. It was the UK's 4th Best Seller
    of 1975. Oddly, in the USA, it was not one of their biggest Studio Albums. It only reached
    No.13 there. This is despite 'Please Mr. Postman' reaching No.1 and 'Only Yesterday' Peaking
    at No.4.

    It is rather like The Beach Boys 'Pet Sounds' being a huge UK No.2 Album, in 1966, and ending
    up as the 5th Best Seller of that Year. But, in the USA, it was no-where near as big - No.10.


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  • RayRay
    Some really great songs here:

    Only Yesterday

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  • menime123
    Solitaire is one of their best songs, and possibly the best Karen vocal of all time.

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  • luckyONE
    started a topic Carpenters - Horizon

    Carpenters - Horizon

    01 Aurora
    02 Only Yesterday
    03 Desperado
    04 Please Mr. Postman
    05 I Can Dream, Can't I?
    06 Solitaire
    07 Happy
    08 (I'm Caught Between) Goodbye and I Love You
    09 Love Me For What I Am
    10 Eventide

    The 1975 album by The Carpenters 'Horizon' might have been the first time since five albums that the duo didn't reach the Top 10 of the BB 200 charts, however the album topped the charts in the UK and Japan.
    It includes their #1 hit 'Please Mr. Postman'.

    Personally, I think this is my favorite albums by The Carpenters (that I know so far). It includes some of their strongest lyrics, lots of relatable, true-to-life stuff.

    Lately I'm really obsessed with (I'm Caught Between) Goodbye and I Love You. However, my favorite is song off this record is 'Happy'. Really loving all the tracks!