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The Retro: Rules and Guidance: 2017 Update

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  • The Retro: Rules and Guidance: 2017 Update

    Hello, and welcome to the Retro forum, a forum where we can look back in time over many of the great songs from years gone by, ranging from the earliest classical pieces right through to around about 10 years ago.

    First though, a few points to help you find your way around...
    • There are no genre restrictions at all in this forum! So discussion about ABBA, Buddy Holly, the KLF or the Sugarhill Gang would equally fit in this forum.[/*:m:3bpopbst]
    • However, if you're posting about a song, artist or album that was released in the past 10 years, this forum isn't for you. Check out our Genre Junction forums to post about more current acts.[/*:m:3bpopbst]
    • Topics about acts who have recorded for more than 10 years and are still going are up to you as to where you post them. If you post them in here, people are more likely to talk about their whole career whereas if you post in the Genre Junction, you'll get more response on their last 1-2 albums.[/*:m:3bpopbst]
    • Similarly, posts like "What is the greatest rock band of all time?" would sit more comfortably in the Genre Junction, as an act from the past 10 years could be a perfectly valid response. Use your judgement on topics like this as to what sort of response you're looking for.[/*:m:3bpopbst]
    • Please have some common sense when starting new topics. If you're wanting to discuss a particular artist, it's better to start a topic about that artist than simultaneously start a topic for each and every single they released![/*:m:3bpopbst]
    • For discussion centred around where songs charted through the years, and how many copies they sold, we have our Chart Analysis forum. If you want to mention something's chart run as part of a wider discussion on it that is fine, but chart specific discussion belongs in Chart Analysis.[/*:m:3bpopbst]
    • From time to time, our Games forum will host games that might be of interest to fans of somewhat older music. Check it out to find some of these, and if you want to start one of your own, please start it in there.[/*:m:3bpopbst]
    • We do have a small selection of "retro charts" located in this forum. These are for voting in by anyone who wishes - if you're wanting to post your own top 40 of the week that you made 15 years ago, then that would sit better in our Personal Charts forum.[/*:m:3bpopbst]

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    It has been agreed by the moderating team that The Retro forum will now include any song or album which was originally released over 5 years ago. This has been decided as a way to help keep the genre forums fresh and create more space for newer music. It's great that so many old topics are being bumped to re-ignite discussion so please feel free to keep doing so and one of the team will happily move the thread in here!