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Diana Ross - I'm Coming Out

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  • Diana Ross - I'm Coming Out


    I had that melody in my head for years, but never knew where is it coming from. Well, I finally know

    I bet it's a well known on here, right?
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    The King covered it a few years ago
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      I love this song so much! I remember hearing it around the house as a little kid and bouncing to it. Little did I know that it'd have more personal relevance as I grew older.
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        I've been listening to it a lot lately. So catchy and happy.


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          Good tune, the 1980 Nile Rodgers "Diana" album was by far her strongest era.
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            Its now viewed as a novelty track, but its so powerful - I know a lot of middle aged gay men that owe their strength as gay men to classic songs like this.

            An anthem, I quite like it. Though Diana had much better songs!


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              Nice bop and LOL Akini

              this was also in J-gLObal's movie Maid in Manhattan <3
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                Great song!

                @Wayne - I don't think this song is viewed as a novelty track.

                I know this song because of this.....


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                  I think this was the first song I bought on vinyl!


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                    Whatever its status is, it proved how Diana is so iconic up to this day. She may not be the type to have the huge vocals and all, but she had that ex-factor that gave birth to the pop star diva definition.


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                      Great song
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