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2 Unlimited Greatest Hits 1991 - 1996

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  • 2 Unlimited Greatest Hits 1991 - 1996

    Among all Eurodance acts throughout the 90s, I think 2 Unilimited were the most successful
    with 2 No'1 albums, 8 Top-10 hits and another 5 Top-30 hits.
    Produced by Jean-Paul de Coster & Phil Wilde, and fronted by the rapper Ray Slijngaard and singer
    Anita Doth.
    The first song by them that really caught my attention as a kid was 'Twilight Zone', and later on
    'The Magic Friend'.
    For some reason their biggest hit 'No Limit' was never one of my favourites...
    In 2009 Ray & Anita tried to make a comeback, but couldn't use the name 2 Unlimited due to the refusal
    of Jean-Paul de Coster who owns the rights to the brand.

    What was your favourite 2 Unlimited song?

    You Love The 90's Dance Era?

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    They had some great songs, Maximum Overdrive & Faces are my faves.
    My YouTube Channel - The best songs of the 80s, 90s and 2000s


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      Do we count complation albums? they sold more than 30m with complation albums


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        2 Unlimited were my favourite band growing up (after shakespears sister broke up). I love all of their albums and singles.

        Let The Beat Control Your Body, Real Thing, Here I Go, Tribal Dance, Get Ready For This are my personal faves. Real Things is an underrated album.

        Romy & Marion had some good songs too when they took the name on. Never Surrender and Edge Of Heaven could've been big if they'd promoted them.
        thank u, next