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Mariah Carey - Butterfly [album]

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  • gillyberto

    Such an amazing album with every single track being essential. The album is lyrically and vocally amazing. Mariah gave her all with this record. Her best songs come from that album, Butterfly, My All, Honey, Whenever You Call. All are amazing. This album was the start of the new-fresh-free Mariah.

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  • BillyBlitzkid
    This is definitely NOT her best album. It is good, yes, but for me there is no real banger after Honey and My all. Sure, The roof and Fourth of July are nice to listen to, but they aren't the masterpieces an album needs IMO to be consistent in the middle. For me it's like Mariah falls asleep during "Breakdown" and wakes up during "Butterfly Reprise" and that just doesn't cut it for me.

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  • UKMusicLova
    Originally posted by AyumiH
    I voted No in the poll. I think Butterfly was definitely one of her most personal albums and since she had creative control she made it a real classic that many people love and can relate to. I do love it, it's just not my favorite as it has some filler songs I think. Definitely a modern classic in my book, though. I'll give a more detailed review later.
    100% agree. And I too will give a more detailed review later!

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  • volver
    I never understood all the love for this album. It was good, but in my opinion, it's far from her best. Fourth of July, My All, and Breakdown are my faves.

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  • AyumiH
    I voted No in the poll. I think Butterfly was definitely one of her most personal albums and since she had creative control she made it a real classic that many people love and can relate to. I do love it, it's just not my favorite as it has some filler songs I think. Definitely a modern classic in my book, though. I'll give a more detailed review later.

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  • Beyoncefanatic
    I love Butterfly but its not her best i would go with MusicBox that's a great album but i love Butterfly

    My ALL
    The Beautiful Ones

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  • Grybop
    Butterfly and My All are the single 2 reasons that put me off Mariah in the 90s.

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  • Woaah
    It's not her very best album, but i still love it

    But the cover is my fave Mariah cover

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  • sambo9
    This is one of, if not my favourite album of all time. I think it's flawless all the way through. I've never heard such a beautiful album in all my life.

    I'll post what I said about the album in another thread:

    Her best era and album was "Butterfly". The singles were superb, the videos were very classy, her look and image was perfect - it was sexy, but still very mature and elegant, and her voice and sound was just incredible. Butterfly is one of, if not my favourite album of all time. Every track is smoothly produced, beautifully shaped and arranged to showcase Mariah's moving and powerful vocal abilities as well as her inspired, and much commended transition to a more R&B influenced sound.
    Honey - A real triumph for Mariah. The production and use of the two samples was genius.

    Butterfly - Absolutely spectacular. Exhilarating in every sense. Its build-up is marvellously done, and Mariah vocals have never been so emotional.

    My All - This gave Mariah her 13th #1 single. The song’s Spanish feel made it feel mysterious, and it still gives me goose bumps to watch the video now. It’s such an addictive, hypnotising ballad that draws you in after a few lines. Mariah’s vocals are as powerful as ever, and they're much more emotive, and even more beautiful. Her contrast from whispery verses to belting choruses is wonderful. She carries the song beautifully throughout. I never get bored of this, and it’s one of my favourite ballads of all time too. Mariah’s image, vocals and emotion at her very best.

    The Roof - Very sensual and enjoyable. One of my favourite uses of a sample in a song. The video suited the song's laid-back and relaxing atmosphere.

    Fourth Of July - Again, incredibly sensual. The chorus is so gentle and smoothly produced. It's truly delightful.

    Breakdown - Breakdown - A masterpiece from start to finish. The additional vocals from Bone Thugs-n-Harmony really added to the laid-back feel of the song. Throughout, the production is just mesmerising. The soothing, slow-tempo R&B background music is superb, and helps to enforce the effortless feel of the song. The lyrics are also ingenious.

    I can’t express the feeling that I get from this song - it’s just indescribable. Even the video is perfect - in fact it’s my favourite Mariah video from her entire career. She’s really on the top of her game. She look’s confident, finally doing the thing she wants to do, and just being the real her. I agree with Mariah - I will always be upset that “Breakdown” never got its shot.

    Babydoll - The lyrics are brilliant, and its carefree feel make this a pleasurable listen. An incredibly clever pop tune.

    Close My Eyes - Now, this is one of the most beautiful ballads ever, IMO. The piano accompaniment in this is just indescribable. Mariah's soft and emotional vocals lift the song to another level. As I have probably said before, "Butterfly" is the one of the greatest album to just sit down, and relax to. It's the ultimate chill-out collection, and this song is the highlight. Mariah holds back in this personal, reflective and emotional ballad and sings such wonderful lyrics. This is a real hidden gem, and I know this is one of Mariah’s favourites too. She performed it wonderfully on the Rosie O’Donnell show in 1998.

    Whenever You Call - This is a classic Mariah ballad IMO. When I heard this originally, I was pleased to hear that Mariah was still sticking in her trademark atmospheric Afanasieff creations. The chorus to this song is sublime, and I especially like the lyric in the bridge, "And You, Have Opened My Heart, And Lifted Me Inside, By Showing Me Yourself Undisguised." The Brian McKnight version is also brilliant, although I do prefer the solo version. "Butterfly" has no weak songs at all, and even the underrated "The Beautiful Ones" is a highlight for me. The whole album is just perfection. If this was released fully, I think this could have been another Top 20 hit from Mariah.

    Fly Away - A great dance remix. Admittedly, it doesn't have a suitable place on the album, but it nicely breaks up the many ballds in the second half of the record. Mariah's vocals shine on here.

    The Beautiful Ones - An inspired cover of one of my favourite Prince songs. As the song developes, you can feel yourself connecting with it more and more. It's quite lengthy, but the parts are shared more or less equally by Dru Hill and Mariah. This duet works incredibly well IMO. Their vocals blend together so perfectly.

    Outside - This track is one of my favourite songs of all time. It touched me in a way that no other song has. The lyrics are so relatable - and Mariah's vocals still leave me breathless. I know it's said time and time again, but this song has truly gotten me through some difficult times, and it does still inspire me today.

    I loved the single covers from this era too:

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  • Dreams
    It's clearly her most consistent album, I'd say. Whether it's her best comes down to simply a matter of taste.

    I always think it comes down to Mariah really getting all EMOTIVE with it, and giving the lyrics substance in the vocals. Because the previous two efforts were rather VACANT, the vocal chops were intact, but Music Box and Daydream didn't have the vocal interpretation that Butterfly had.

    There isn't a bad song on it, my favorite tracks on it are "Close My Eyes", "The Roof", "Honey" and "My All".

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  • sambo9
    started a poll Mariah Carey - Butterfly [album]

    Mariah Carey - Butterfly [album]


    Discuss this legendary album in here.

    # Honey
    # Butterfly
    # My All
    # The Roof
    # Fourth of July
    # Breakdown
    # Babydoll
    # Close My Eyes
    # Whenever You Call
    # Fly Away (Butterfly Reprise)
    # The Beautiful Ones
    # Outside
    What are your favourites tracks from the album? What are your general thoughts on the album? Do you think this was Mariah at her peak?