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    1. Sitting Down Here
    2. Playing My Game
    3. Unforgiveable Sinner
    4. Flown Away
    5. Way We Are
    6. So I See
    7. Maybe I'll Go
    8. Where I'm Headed
    9. One Year Ago
    10. A Place Nearby

    The debut album of Norwegian singer Lene Marlin remains one of my all-time favorite albums. This album is what I call perfection. Lene is most famous for her worldwide smash hitsingle 'Sitting Down Here', but she deserves so much more credit for her sing- and songwriting skills. The titletrack is an absolute masterpiece, a hidden gem, about the war that is a relationship between two people. For me the song tells a story about love as a battlefield, about the fight between protection yourself from, and losing yourself in the other person.

    'A Place Nearby' is the most beautiful song ever written about losing a loved one. It's about strength, about moving on, letting go and about eternal love.

    The fact that Lene writes all the songs herself and that the album was released when she was only 19 years old, makes it all more impressive. 'Playing My Game' is my definition of the purest pop music I've ever heard. Can't really describe the love I have for this record.

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    I hate how true artists and pure music get no attention here. I guess Lene should've been on Big Brother.


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      Unforgivable Sinner is among the best pop songs of the decade, no question
      I only heard the entire album like 1 or 2 times though.. was nice. 2nd album was better
      for some reason... I'm here


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        I remember radio and MTV playing her back in 2000, I also loved her following singles, like "How Would It Be". Shame she's no longer successful though :(


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          I stole this album from my sister when it was released way back when. Beautiful record.


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            good album but my fav song from lene is "u weren't there" ..absolutley amazing song


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