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Scarlet - Independent Love Song

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  • Scarlet - Independent Love Song

    Despite failing to make the UK top 10, this song was the 79th best selling single of 1995 and spent 7 weeks in the UK top 20.

    I remember really loving this song at the time and seeing them pop up everywhere to perform the song. (I mostly remember the pianist looking like Mystic Meg)

    They had 7 singles and 2 albums in total, but this was the only one to do much at all.
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    Oh, what a naughty, naughty song!

    But I love it!


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      I remember this too, the dark haired one looks like a member of Wilson Phillips.
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        FANTASTIC song! The chorus just comes from nowhere.

        It was one of the very first songs I ever properly got into when I started following the charts at the very end of 94/beginning of 95.


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          This was great! I think I still have their album with this track on it somewhere at home.Must dig it out and have a listen!


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            I can't get enough of this tune... Good stuff!


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              Awesome song!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

              I don't understand how it didn't do better on the charts


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                A youtube comment reads:

                Originally posted by langleyn
                SEX is exactly what it's about. I have 2 song co-writes on the album. Cheryl and I, in the past, have ****ed? each other senseless. Independent Love Song is about SEX, shagging, *******. The song is about a woman taking control of her so called "love life" and reducing it to sex, BUT the sex that SHE wants.


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                  ^ Did people not know what it was about? Was there some squabble about different interpretations or something?


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                    Yeah, something like that.

                    I wouldn't blame them though, I refused to believe how explicit the lyrics were whan I first heard it. I mean, it was interesting to hear "I'll show you how to take me" in a song, but I was like, Surely she can't mean that!?

                    Then I grew up.


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                      I just listened to it because of its appearance in the 1995 retro chart. What a great tune, should have been a bigger hit.

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                        Helped me win the Song Collectors game recently and I love that it had a tiny revival on iTunes thanks to Derry Girls a few months ago.

                        I thought the song was about lesbianism? ("I'm doing it a different way").
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                          Such a 90s classic!
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