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  • Lauryn Hill - Ex-Factor

    I know there's a thread for her album already but I think this song is so phenomenal it deserves its own thread!
    It's one of my favourite songs of all time and I can't believe it still sounds so current.
    Lyrically it is amazing and although Lauryn is mainly known for her rapping skills, she sings this so beautifully and effortlessly

    It's just such a stunning song!


    What do you think of the track?

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    A stunning, timeless song indeed. It took me ages to get into it and the video didn't help a lot. I appreciated them both more in time, I think it's one of those songs that need more than a few listens to get into. Unless you can immediately relate to the lyrics.
    Anyway, she should get back to writing.


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      A great song - I never appreciated it at the time, mainly because I couldn't stand Lauryn Hill

      I love the version by Nate James too:

      Nate James - Ex-Factor
      Without Any Meaning / We're Just Skin & Bone / Like Beautiful Robots Dancing Alone.


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        Yes it's a fantastic song, sooo chilled... it really reminds me of butterflies in summer for some weird reason :-?


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          This is actually one of the tracks on the album I don't really feel that much, it just doesn't work for me :-?
          Come Play: GUESS THE VIDEO!


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            Doo Wop (That Thing) >>>>>>


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              Originally posted by Grybop
              A stunning, timeless song indeed.
              I agree, it's one of those tracks that doesn't get old - ever. It showcases Lauryn's songwriting so well and it is truly one of the best tracks on the album. I also love Santana's part.


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                Love this song! A real classic indeed. Probably my favorite by Lauryn, but it's so hard to pick, as all her songs from that era are amazing.


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                  I think it's great, just going through the album just now on YouTube might purchase it
                  Blu Cantrell - "S.O.S." (Tell Me Where You At)


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                    Tell me, who I have to be
                    To get some reciprocity

                    You could tell she was singing about a man on this track.
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