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  • Toni Braxton - The Heat

    Lemme start with saying it is utterly unacceptable not to have a topic for this beauty. But, we all make mistakes sometimes but we muddle through... (I searched around but couldn't find a topic for this album, forgive me if I missed it)

    At its best, The Heat is a long-player of mature ballads and flirtatious, sexy mid-tempos billed as the cornerstone for consistent feminine messages of lust, intuition, and resilience.

    He Wasn't Man Enough
    The Heat
    Spanish Guitar
    Just Be A Man About It
    Gimme Some
    I'm Still Breathing
    Fairy Tale
    The Art Of Love
    Speaking In Tongues
    You've Been Wrong
    Never Just For A Ring
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    This was the first Toni Braxton album I ever purchased after liking her singles from the very beginning and after loving HWME and let me say that it was such a disappointment. Besides the first single, the rest of the album was a bore and I think I gave it away after a year or so. I guess many people bought it on the strength of her career and didn't like it which would explain her following album flopping so monumentaly. Years later I purchased her debut, which is much better me thinks.
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      I agree that the other album songs don’t stick the way the singles so, but I’ve always loved Toni’s voice and her album tracks. It’s like hidden gems for me. But I know I’m a rare massive Toni fan!!!

      Album tracks did disappoint sadly.
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        Y'all don't know what you're talking about...


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          Breathe Again was the first single she released here. A friend of mine had already heard of Toni, when she was backpacking in Australia. She send me a letter (yes, no internet...) and told me to look out for Toni Braxton. So when Breathe Again was released I paid attention and bought her first album.

          Although I think her first two albums are stronger as a whole, this album has the best song of all IMO:
          He Wasn't Man Enough

          And although I liked the album as a whole, it has less strong songs in total.
          But I do love:
          Spanish Guitar (especially the Royal Garden Flamenco Mix)
          I'm Still Breathing (great follow up to Breathe Again)
          Never Just For A Ring (very catchy chorus)
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            Fairy Tale is so, so good.